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When You Get Everything You Want, Will It Be Enough?

Ava DuVernay is the first African-American woman nominated for Golden Globe and Critics Choice Awards for Best Director for the amazing and insightful “Selma” movie. In addition, DuVernay won Independent Spirit and NAACP Image Award nominations. 181 more words


5 Reasons Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger Shouldn't Be on the $20 Bill

The New York Times is trying to stoke demand for the replacement of Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, citing his cruel treatment of Indians. That has a certain logic to it, whether or not you agree. 89 more words


Beach Bodies

I haven’t really been writing a lot recently. More accurately, for awhile this winter, I was writing a LOT. But it was freelance work that resulted in me being paid money, which you have to admit takes precedence over writing a blog that hardly anyone reads. 862 more words


Episode 256. Bursting Out All Over!

Although I absolutely hate the colour of my work uniform, (it is the same grotty grey that you get when you put black and white items ┬átogether on a hot wash) I am at least grateful that I don’t have to worry what I have to wear each day. 400 more words


The Good news about PMS

Why it’s a myth that women are victim or need their cycles medicalised. A great TED Talk by Robyn Stein DeLuca.


Mom Wars

Alright. I’m just gonna say it. My Mother-In-Law and I just DO NOT get along. Period.

I’ve put up with a LOT over the last 14 years and frankly, I’m just tired. 1,217 more words


FemmeFatale v MaleSupremacy

– an example of female independence, not only in the sexual realms as the┬átitle may suggest…

I recently attended the Women of the World festival in Southbank, London – safe to say I came away with a whirlwind of thoughts, feelings, ideas and inspiration. 518 more words

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