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Millennials On A Mission: The Link Up

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” ― Coco Chanel

This week’s “Millennials on a Mission” are doing just that — using the power of their voice to not only speak their minds, but to encourage their peers to do the same. 753 more words


Just Girly Things for Women Who Keep it REAL

Every once in a while people ask me what my ultimate goal is with my blog. Do I want to write a book one day? Or is it just a receptacle for all the insane shit that fills my noggin?  209 more words


Women 01 Marriage

I just don’t get this. This bias against women.
Women in the Victorian era were just considered an enhancement to a man’s social status. They did not have the right to vote, to inheritance of property, or even to sue. 424 more words


Britain: 20-Year-Old Woman ADMITS Making False Rape Accusations Against Two Soldiers

I’ve recently written about one of my students at the university who sought out group sex, but only with men in uniform. Now, here’s a criminal case against a young British woman who falsely claimed two soldiers had attempted to rape her when her boyfriend questioned her about what had been going on. 451 more words

Women Who Can't Cook

I’ve never been able to cook and I blame it on unconscious repulsion against anything stereotyping the female gender.   Every time I see a commercial featuring a happy mother serving a steaming dish of food to her children and husband, I get agitated.   204 more words


Women in the Bible - Chapter 2

Dear Ladies,

Do you know how the Bible and Christianity views women?  Have you actually read it?  This is the second in my series on the Biblical commands for women.  43 more words



Morning Word
Struggle was designed to make you appreciate your rewards. If you were handed everything you ever wanted in life without experiencing pain throughout the process you wouldn’t truly value what you have. 135 more words