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On books I had to read for class that I actually enjoyed

I was born in Korea, but I immigrated to the United States at the age of six and a half, meaning that I survived almost the entirety of North American K-12 schooling. 760 more words


A peep into a woman's world......

There has been this ongoing conversation between men and women…. Both sides holding on strongly to their points of view. The men say they do not understand women! 885 more words


Field - Beyond Fiction

For the second term, We were asked to choose a new module for Field (My previous had been ‘Kinetic Environments’ with Paul Granjon). The option I chose this time was ‘Beyond Fiction’ with Amelia Johnston. 366 more words


Should a women ever pay on the first date?

It is almost an unwritten law that when a man and a woman goes out on a date the man pays for the date. At least that’s the way it was before the Beyonce era, before every female wanted to be Miss Independent or Miss “I don’t need no man”. 136 more words

Romance And Dating

What Your Favorite Christmas Movie Says About You

Pick from movies selected to see what your favorite says about you.

A Christmas Story (are you Ralphie?) that means you overcome obstacles.  You have a sense of adventure. 61 more words


Monday Muse 10/11/14

Monday muse from Graham Rawle, best known for his Woman’s World series which is now being turned into a motion picture! How exciting!

Woman’s World was a ten year or so project, composed of clippings from 1960’s woman’s magazines accumulating into a rather bizarre novel. 103 more words