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A Tale of Two Women

So there was this woman, and she was pretty comfortable. After a decade of moving every few years, she’d been settled in a nice small town for nearly five years. 141 more words

Wait for it...

Lovesickness is a malady of the soul. To see things objectively and to act according to what reason 189 more words


Utopia of a woman.

Be a lady, they said,

People would notice, they said.

It wasn’t people,

It wasn’t others.

It wasn’t the need for me to be a lady at all. 549 more words



She told me impressing a man is something I mustn’t do.

Then I asked her why she still cooks and cleans for Papa, and why she feels glad only when he is glad. 45 more words

Confessions of a Beautiful "Woman"

Sunday evening I sobbed in front of Mom and Dad that I don’t know how to own my beauty.

That I don’t know what femininity is. 921 more words

The Heart

A journey into why we still need our Wise Woman Sages

As a young woman of the world, I’ve often wondered how I would successfully steer my way through the many stages womanhood. 

How would I know what to expect? 932 more words


The First Quarter Check-In of 2015

Here it is, March 30th, 2015. Can you believe it?! We’re already finishing up the first quarter of the new 2015 year!

I received a great message in church yesterday. 685 more words

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