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Bar Fight

I have barely posted this week, because I have been so busy and just completely out of sorts, and this weekend was cut short by a really fun stomach bug. 1,018 more words


Thoughts from the shirt-on club of one

Two shirtless boys are sleeping in my bed as I type this. It’s not what it sounds like, in case you let some crazy images pop into your brain. 1,046 more words


The Celebration of Soul-Filled love and the adoration of the Beloved.....

Love at its very core loves to be celebrated, for it extends exuberant joy, that rapture, the bliss and the infinite euphoria of the coming together of the masculine and feminine God and Goddess within and without. 1,692 more words

On Pregnancy Scares

For the past three weeks, I’ve thought I could be pregnant. And I could be. Over these twenty-one days, there were times when I was so sure that I was pregnant that I simply collapsed. 256 more words


Vagina Panic is real

There is nothing worse than experiencing vagina panic. Vagina panic is when you convince your brain that you have every single vagina ailment known to woman. 962 more words


Male and Female: Introduction

Culture is rapidly changing. Long held truths about men’s and women’s roles are now seen as archaic, oppressive, and even regressive. Since the Second Wave of Feminism started in the 60’s, the once static roles for men and women have shifted greatly. 951 more words


The Seasons of Nothingness

During the winter, I would think ‘if only it were spring.  Then I wouldn’t be so depressed, so lethargic, so cold, so easily annoyed.  I would exercise.  535 more words