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Cursed Sails - Rotten Society


13 Mei 2014 – Velocity/Rise

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Dengan mantan anggota Woe, is Me dan Issues (bassis Cory dan keyboardist/vokalis Ben Ferris) dan produksi metalcore besar-besaran, Cursed Sails telah tiba. 114 more words


안녕하세요! Did someone mention my blog somewhere or something? I had a weird influx of visitors a few days ago. More than usual, at least. Haha. 296 more words

Learning Korean


Uuuuuugh. Someone give me permission to skip the number thing.

I don’t wanna do it. Who needs to count anyway?! And also who needs to know dates and times and all that jazz? 73 more words

Learning Korean


My brother and I work at the same store and were hanging out while he was on his 15 minute break. I was super frustrated with my job and he was giving me advice (since he used to do the same thing), and we got onto the topic of being replaceable cogs in the machine. 423 more words

Learning Korean

Jan 1, ants 0

I am winning the battle.  Oh, it didn’t look that way last week.  They were close to declaring victory.  I was seriously thinking about moving, again.   413 more words


something about the rain

There’s something about the sound of rain,

the pitter patter of it, that soothes me.

It’s too bad that I am sick and can’t fully enjoy it. 47 more words


The Stages Of Writing A Novel

A Summary Of This Blog Entry:

Excitement: You have started writing your book, your plot lines are panning out boastfully, your feeling deep emotions for you characters, you dream about this book, you breath this book, it is all you can think about – all you can talk about, and ideas come flooding over you that you just HAVE to write down the second they come to you! 632 more words

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