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Media’s portrayal of Assange has been shameful, says WikiLeaks Spokesperson

WikiLeaks Spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson has slammed the media’s portrayal of Julian Assange as being shameful, incorrect and a “betrayal to the consumers and readers of mainstream media.” 590 more words

Turn Turn Turn —

Trigger warning: Brief mention of weight loss.

Stars, please shine the way for me
Show the one that I have followed
To see how far I’ve come. 2,256 more words


Lived Experience: Part 2 —

Trigger warning: Discussion of weight, eating disorders, health and weight loss.

Yesterday, we heard from seven women who shared their experiences with the social determinants of health (SDH) and how it has affected their self-care. 1,713 more words


Lived Experience: Part 1 —

Serious trigger warning: Frank discussion of health, weight loss, weight loss surgery and eating disorders.

When I first began putting together a roundtable of Health at Every Size® (HAES) experts to discuss the social determinants of health (SDH), several people recommended that it would be valuable to have a similar roundtable with people who have felt the negative impact of the SDH. 4,847 more words


"Clean" vs. "Dirty" — eating to optimize health?

Trigger warning: Discussion of diets and weight loss.

I’ve been seeing quite a few comments on my Facebook feed about “clean” eating — how it’s so much healthier for one’s body and how easily it leads to weight loss are the two main recommendations that people give as the reason for eating a “clean” diet. 1,120 more words


4 Tools to Help Structure a Reflective Teaching Practice

This article also appears on Edutopia at this link

While I was in the process of preparing for National Board Certification about ten years ago, I realized I needed to develop means to carry forward the most important thing I learned from the certification process–reflection. 742 more words


Reflecting on How to be Innovative with PBLL

This article also appears on Edutopia at this link

As I have sought to implement project-based learning in my French classes, I have often set aside time to reflect on the units I have designed in order to modify them for various reasons. 540 more words