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Have You Heard Of Jacqueline Farrell?

I’d like to introduce you to Jacqueline Farrell, a lady in her fifities who lives in the Northwest of England with her husband and two sons, aged 19 and 14. 535 more words

From Facing 50

Shaded Vision by Yasmine Galenorn

Title: Shaded Vision
Author: Yasmine Galenorn
Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day and the D’Artigo women are preparing for their friend Iris’s wedding. But when Delilah and her sisters get word that the Super Community Center has been bombed, things get really ugly, The evil coyote shifters-the Koyami-are back, and Newkirk, their new leader, has joined forces with a group of rogue sorcerers. 535 more words

Book - Sweep Series

Sweep Series
Cate Tiernan


I had to wait for these titles to come out one at a time. I still remains among of my favorites. 310 more words


The Moon XVlll Upside Down

The moon is a beautiful card. For so long Witchcraft has been labeled taboo, evil. So many people have died because people believed if you killed a witch or someone who does Voodoo you are killing the thing inside which is evil and bad and wrong. 470 more words


Introduction to Me

 I am just going to introduce myself. I am the husband of the Theincensewoman.  I love to grow chili peppers and I play games like Skyrim and Fallout and Boarderlands in which I like to hunt and kill.   67 more words


Chapter Eight: Lake Needs a Friend

Cashel didn’t need his math book, but he had to turn back to school because he couldn’t keep walking next to his brother, and there was nowhere else for him to go. 1,494 more words


Born to Exile (Tales of the Minstrel Alaric #1) - Phyllis Eisenstein


Alaric, a young minstrel with a talent for magic, roamed the lands in search of his fortune. And in Castle Royale, it seemed he’d found both his fortune and his true love, the beautiful Princess Solinde.

550 more words