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The Blair Witch Project

My Rating: 7/10 Stars

The Blair Witch Project is an avant-garde film that contains an air of eerie realism. This film serves as a reminder that more often than not it’s the things that we don’t see that scares us the most.


Taking A New Path

In truth I haven’t actually decided if this is the way I want to go or not. I’m talking about Draconian Magick. It’s considered a Wiccan path for some reason, but I don’t see it that way. 117 more words


How A Wiccan Can Get Healthier

Out of breath after walking up some stairs, I thought: “I got to do better than this.” I had succumbed to gaining serious extra weight. 341 more words

Moonwater Silverclaw

My Familiar.

Familiars: (aka) “familiar spirits” or “animal guides” are magical assistants of witches in their practice of magic. According to European folklore they appeared in many different forms, including animals, apparitions as well as a human/humanoid figures. 1,433 more words


Something Wicked This Way Comes...


Summertime style inspired by Fiona Goode and Morticia Addams… 381 more words


40/100 The Salem Witch Trials by Robin Johnson

This was actually a pretty good book accounting the Salem Witch Trials. While the audience is geared toward teens and tweens the historical information is fascinating and the coverage of the incident is fairly comprehensive. 129 more words


Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? ...Maybe Both.

The entire world has heard of black magick, or magic (see my definition here), and see it as the most evil practice in the wiccan community. 416 more words