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I wait for thee to come to me
flame of candle red burns bright burns free
chant a little love call besides me I do plea…
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Magickal Arts

Having successfully made it out of the compound of tents and clans that were still camped out on our land, we made short work of getting to town. 586 more words



‘Did you see that, did you?

‘That bloody scarecrow moved. It did, I tell you. I saw it. Look for yourself. It’s not in the centre of the field anymore, is it? 972 more words


Paranormal Radio: Fact vs. Fiction on the airwaves

Where else can you hear about reincarnation, werewolves, and holistic healing but on Coast to Coast AM.

Hosted by veteran radio broadcaster George Noory, the show’s topics range from serious to mysterious, silly to… 769 more words

A Psychic’s Blog

Mercury Retrograde Plans

Well, retrogrades always mess me up. For a long period of time, I just thought all these horrible happenstances were coincidence . When I was maybe 14, my momma had my full chart done. 755 more words


Witch & Wizard or My Best Friends

Witch & Wizard is the first novel of the Witch & Wizard series, written by James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet. It chronicles a dystopian future in which Whit and Wisty Allgood are arrested, imprisoned, and sentenced to execution during the uprising of a new totalitarian government, for unknowingly possessing outlawed magical abilities. 224 more words


From the Witch's Grimoire - Altar Consecration Oil

Altar Consecration Oil

4 drops frankincense oil

2 drops myrrh oil

1 drop cedar essential oil

Add to 1/8 cup carrier oil (jojoba is best). Anoint altar with this at regular intervals and ask the gods to watch over it.