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Tabitha and the Witch

Everything about the little cottage was rough. Aside from the pale skin showing out the top of Vrona’s dress, Tabitha didn’t see a single smooth surface. 1,194 more words


The Art of Magic

For those of you that love magic and or are a fan of Harry Potter, an amazing event is coming to Mischief Managed, one of the Sims I role-play at. 163 more words

The Shops

Movie Review: The Squad (2011)

The Squad is a Columbian horror movie that sees a squadron of men sent to investigate why another unit has ceased communications at a secret mountainous base. 706 more words

The Disc

Growing Up in the Era of Harry Potter, the Continued Potter Legacy, and the Changing of Fandom Culture

Press Play

I remember getting a book called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for Christmas about 3 years after it had been released. I read it (like I read everything that was put in front of me as a child), and it went to go sit on my shelf. 999 more words


One Definition of Crone

One can choose anytime after all your children have become adults or for women menstruation has stopped to go through a Crone ritual. Becoming a Crone does not mean you are it means you are wise. 25 more words


Face Your Fears

This is my mantra for this week; the message the cards gave me only far more eloquently put than I was able to scribble down while doing my weekly reading last night. 120 more words