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Happy Birthday to the one and only Zoe Sugg!

Hello lovely people!

This post is dedicated to the one and only Zoe aka Zoella. She has her 25th birthday today and I want to wish her happy birthday. 126 more words


I have lived

Found something I’ve written when I was ten years old or younger I think. It made me reminisce all my dreams when the only things in life that I’ve considered were making money, and doing things that will make me happy.

681 more words
Be Yourself


Hello everyone! Good morning, the weekend has started! I don’t know how is the weather there, in Athens is the worst!! Last days it rains all the time, we have dust from Africa in the air, nothing reminds anything about spring. 98 more words


If Wishes...

If wishes were butterflies

Our dreams would soar to the heavens

Among the cotton ball clouds.

If wishes were could talk

They would speak of desires… 35 more words


Keep Wishing

Questions in the night
From a busy little mind
About the stars wished upon
Which one must he find

I’ve made so many wishes
How come they’ve not come true… 60 more words


Life, Death an Ever After

From the day we are born, we slowly begin to die. Pretty morbid thought, right? Our time on this Earth is limited. It’s not like we have a “Get out of Death Free Card” that we can use. 770 more words


Inspirational Thursday

I guess its a different perspective on things but I have always looked at them as “wishes”!

Hope that you all have a blessed day!