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A Beautiful Life

There is a lot of brilliant stuff that occurs day to day in the lives of people. Even the most ordinary of people and maybe if we all really wanted to put it down in words, the Internet would be filled with just a whole range of beautiful stories and adventures that show us what is happy and what is right in this world even today. 396 more words

A Bamboo Plant

I put a bamboo plant by my window so I could breathe.

I put a bamboo plant by my window so I could see.

I put a bamboo plant by my window, and it reaches out just like me.


Winter Words

Winter words have been elusive lots … jumbled time tumbling bronzed locks … tethering heartbeats to your memory … bell ship bound in some sunken grave of grey ground … and  feather down dullard dreaming cartilage cast spinning on the ice … frozen fronds waiting for the spring thaw … like ancient love letters tucked in the cracks of a wishing wall … to return to the dust you blew through those hollow haunts … I kept the wine from freezing between my thighs … though they were rosy enough in the beginning with out currants and lavender to share their spice … it will be a good year to uncork the  secrets we stained so many a moment with … let the butterflies drink all they will and carry you away on drunken wings … that sad or silken sorrows shall visit no more the cobwebs or the broom. 6 more words


Deep down I wish I wasn’t what I am…

Few days ago I asked social media users if homosexuality will ever be accepted by Ethiopians. Honestly speaking I knew what the majority of the responses would be like but I went ahead and raised the question because I wanted to use it as a springboard for future reference and writings. 688 more words


The 'Must-Do' of Walt Disney World!

So, as I’m sure you all have realised by now, I’m a sucker for WDW. It’s my favourite place in the world, and I could write for DAYS about it. 1,062 more words


Book review: Irene's Wish, by Jerdine Nolen, illustrated by AG Ford

Nolen, Jerdine. Irene’s Wish. Illustrated by AG Ford. Simon & Schuster Books. 2014. $17.99. ISBN 9780689863004. unp. ages elementary school. P8/q 9

This book has beautiful pictures and is an interesting story about a little girl who wishes her hard working father was able to spend more time at home with her and her siblings. 102 more words

Book Reviews

Follow Your Dreams?

I was thinking about this on the drive to work today. In America, we tend to encourage people to pursue their dreams, but what if everybody did that? 305 more words