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I haven’t posted in a while. My struggles to figure out myself and my weight have been pretty epic.

One of my brothers is moving in August. 175 more words


Rely on July 2015 to kick-start your future.

Rely on July 2015 to kick-start your future.

Quote of the day

‘Many will argue but I say treat July as the beginning of a new era. 446 more words

Write a LIFE LIST today!

Bucket list – a list of experiences or things you would like to achieve before you ‘kick the bucket’. Now, usually I wouldn’t recommend you think about the day your life ends, I mean, how depressing is that?! 580 more words


Pleas of a Caged Soul

There are times when I want to escape this life of patronisation.
To be in a life where I can be who I want to be… 81 more words

Delusional Daydream

I’m at a party. It’s night and we’re in a field. A big one, in the middle of nowhere. It’s cold and still but there’s a fire that makes everyone uncomfortably warm, there’s jackets on the ground and bags piled up at a safe distance creating a sort of circle around the firey …fireness. 239 more words

Life Problems

Happy Birthday Adam 

Happy Birthday my Adam

Tomorrow you will inter the 15th year journey make it rock and be good as always and this is my wish for you… 77 more words

Kuwait Mom

Red, White and Blue Fairy Dust For You All!

WISHING YOU ALL A BLESSED, SAFE AND HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! From Tatiana Fairy Queen and Oberon Lord of the Wild!

They’ll be a million flashing stars in the sky tonight, don’t forget to wish on them lovelies!

Fairy Queen