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Wishing to Be Something More

I’m pretty sure we’ve all felt this at some point in our lives– the wish to be something greater. You see someone with that really expensive but beautiful designer bag that you wanted, and you immediately feel this jealousy and this wish to be them for that very brief second. 575 more words

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The Tree of Wishes

Tree of Wishes by Selenada

From the distant, lonely, wishing tree,
With one final wish it longs to be free.
For the mortal soul that share to fine, 38 more words


#638 - Describe What You've Always Wished...

…was different about your body.

When I was younger, I made the terrible decision not to take care of my teeth.  For years, it was junk food and Pepsi without a single visit to the dentist and only the occasional brushing. 

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Currently very unimpressed with Eurovision. It’s gotten such a following for the cheesiness and craziness but it isn’t what it used to be. This post is just a quick little thing saying how much I wish it was still so mad it made the Batman And Robin film look normal. 163 more words

Make a Wish Bracelet

These little make a wish bracelets make the perfect gift.

If you’re interested in buying one or more, please contact me here with your name, paypal address, postage address and which colour you and if you have a certain size the bracelet must cover. 79 more words