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Change Your Course With A Summer Course!

Now I know taking summer classes doesn’t seem like the most glamorous way to spend one’s summer break, but hear me out!

Summer courses at the U of A are scheduled in 2 sessions, each class lasting 5 weeks. 266 more words

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Giving Back to the Community

Have you always wanted to get involved with the Tucson community, but weren’t sure how to start?  Joining a UA club that gives back to the community is a great way to do this!   254 more words

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Fununteer: Is that a thing?

Think about volunteering and giving back to the community. What do you picture? Maybe a hot Tucson day picking out weeds at a local park or cleansing the streets of Tucson from the littering habits of careless individuals. 587 more words

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#JumpstartJanuary: Reflection

Spring semester is upon us people! While we are currently experiencing the calm before the storm, let’s reflect on what brought us to where we are today. 617 more words

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#JumpStartJanuary: Getting Financially Ready

Being in college can be draining. Whether that is emotionally (from all the stress) physically (from having to run around campus from class to class) or financially (this one should be obvious). 285 more words

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Owl Make Good Decisions this Semester

The theme for this week’s edition of Wildcat Connections was chosen with a great deal of premeditation and care. We chose owls because of their association with intelligence and wisdom. 311 more words

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5 Tips on How to Balance Your Life

If you are at all like me, you have a million different things happening in your life at once. You have classes to get to, a job to keep, friends to hang out with, homework to complete, laundry to do… after you balance all of that for awhile, your life seems like a swirling mass of routine chaos. 492 more words

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