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Main goal

It is in a companies best interests to make as much off of you as they can.

It is in your best interests to pick and choose wisely where you buy. 31 more words

Choose Your Penguin Recovery Plan Wisely, Perth SEO Companies Urge

When Penguin first rolled out in 2012, it shook the foundations of online marketing. Business websites left and right saw their rankings plunge deeper than Lake Macleod. 52 more words

Tip Tuesday

This weeks advice is something that I need to learn.

“Talk Less Listen More”

I know I am a talker, it’s something I have always been. 163 more words


Change Me, for Good

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for all your advice in proverbs.

Life is real, people are real, characters are real.

Help us to handle life the right way, to deal wisely with people and most off all seek to connect with other people. 32 more words

Buy a Plane Wisely: Go Only to Trusted Dealers and Look into Aircraft Registration Numbers

The aircraft registration number, often called the tail number, is to civil aircraft as a license plate is to land vehicles. It can help you buy a plane wisely. 91 more words

About Having Control Over Your Life

Don’t let yourself be controlled by these three things your past, people & money. –Unknown

I fell into this whole in college where I let who I was around kind of change and define me. 508 more words