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Choose Wisely: Eight Factors to Finding a Range that Suits Your Lifestyle

If you haven’t shopped for a range in 10-plus years, a lot has changed with new double-oven ranges, induction and controlling your oven via smartphone Before you shop for a range, several factors should be considered to help ensure y… 6 more words

Act Wisely

There is a day coming, when no man will see their deeds hidden, and where no human will escape what they have done. The good acts performed by man will be displayed for all to see, but the wicked deeds will be recounted before the throne of God. 151 more words

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You will attract both kinds of people in your life.



“Each day is a loan,spend it wisely.”-Unknown.

In rotation 

Currently in rotation.You loving me and I’m loving him.

The wheels are turning,

And nothing on it is getting reciprocated.

In this lifetime your not for me… 170 more words


Choose wisely!

There’s a popular saying that says:

show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.

Right from when I can remember, my parent have alway told me to select my friends wisely, so I wouldn’t be influenced into the negative side of this world.

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