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Friday's Thought - On a Summer Afternoon

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

(Henry James)

New York

Wisdom key for today 25th June 2015

Until a man is connected to and walks in his destiny, he lives a life of struggle, pain and misery. Once you discover it and walk in it, life becomes a cruise experience.

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Wisdom for today

A man’s woes are not a sure sign that the he and God are at       loggerheads…Albert Etornam Dogbe (18th June 2015)

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Ancient Proverbs: 17 - Africa.

“Where the cattle stand together, the lion lies down hungry.” ~ African Proverb

Again, when it comes to the rich and extremely diverse history attached to Africa, it’s almost impossible to narrow this down to any particular focal point.

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Americana Injustica: The Most Forgettable Memoir Ever Written

Ancient Proverbs: 14 - The Persians.

“Even the hand of compassion is stung when it strokes a scorpion.”
~ Persian Proverb

One of my very favorite dudes from ancient history would most definitely be Cyrus II, the first Achaemenian King of the Persian Empire AKA “Cyrus the Great”.

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Americana Injustica