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An In Depth Synopsis

One thing everybody should do, once they finish writing a book, is write an in depth synopsis. Why? Well even if you aren’t going to send your finished product anywhere its good practice for if you ever decide to send something else. 2,370 more words



Summer. Time for vacay, time for out of town, time to unwind, time to get tan and soak up in the sun.

But what is really great about SUMMER? 222 more words

'The Widow's Blessing' is NOW AVAILABLE!

New Daughters of Rhineholt material has been a long time coming and it is finally here! The Widow’s Blessing¬†is finally available in print from Createspace.com and Amazon.com for $4.99. 199 more words

Amber Newberry

Can you?

I tried to write you a poem but I can’t

I can’t articulate how my heartbeat speeds up at the sound of your voice.

I can’t explain how your presence gives me butterflies. 125 more words


haiku #149

Remember the ash
that you rose from so very
beautifully then

Anonymous - or not

I’ve been thinking a lot about that topic lately. There is a lot of things I’d like to share, that I definitely do not want many people to listen. 171 more words


There's No Place Like Home (Insert Dorothy's Red Slippers)

Home. Home. Home.

The place you go to when you get off of work. The place your wine glasses are kept. The place your dog waits on you at. 1,064 more words