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There's No Place Like Home (Insert Dorothy's Red Slippers)

Home. Home. Home.

The place you go to when you get off of work. The place your wine glasses are kept. The place your dog waits on you at. 1,064 more words

Stay Still

Stay still
While I observe
What makes me
Love you
If time could
Stay still
And truly observe
Love is


Heading to the Big Apple

For spring break instead of heading to the beach like most of my other friends, I’ll be freezing my butt off in New York, New York. 241 more words


Five Questions to Ask Yourself Periodically for a Successful Blog

Hello beautiful people! Today we’re discussing a few ways to keep the blogging fire going and what better way to keep the fire going than to fuel it with our undying love and creativity! 319 more words

Social Media Tips


With each rise of the sun, each comfort of the moon, the heart feels safe once again.
A wholeness that for long had not dwelled. 47 more words


Hi readers,

I know this is an impromptu post but I have to tell someone impartial how I feel.

No one seems to understand.

I cannot forget what he did to me. 534 more words


You're The [Wo]man For The Job

Think of all the times you’ve caught yourself saying “I’m just SO hungry, but I don’t know what for” or “let’s go somewhere; I don’t know where, but let’s go.” I find myself standing in front of the fridge, holding the door open, looking for “it” way too often. 876 more words