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WIP Wednesday: Same, Same and More of the Same

When I was sitting at lacrosse last night I was thinking about how I’m sitting in the same place knitting the same sock, though the second one. 116 more words


WIP Wednesday: Now With More Procrastination

Ack! I know I said I’d block the shawl right away. I intended to block it right when I hit publish but something shiny caught my eye and off I went. 201 more words


WIP Wednesday: Tiny Bit Of Progress

I have cast on a new sock. The yarn is Patons Kroy stripes in rusty stripes. The pattern, and yes I am using a pattern this time, is Monkey socks by Cookie A. 97 more words


WIP Wednesday: Little Knitting

I feel as though I am chained in the kitchen. There is no knitting time when you are chopping and prepping and cooking. The Whole 30 has been very labor intensive. 179 more words


WIP Wednesday: One Trick Pony

Happy Tax Day! I am done with all the taxes I had to deal with. The forms have been filed, the payments made, the mistakes corrected and the refunds received. 235 more words


WIP Wednesday: Questioning

What do you call more than a pair of hand knit socks? I often have a “pack”(?) of socks hanging around and I never know what to call them. 278 more words


WIP Wednesday: Don't Be A Fool

I’ve decided to give up knitting and blogging and spend all my time cleaning my house.


I have something that has been hanging around to show you today. 111 more words