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WIPpet Snippet: Fairy Godmothers are Overrated

Hello All!

How is everyone doing? I continue to be amazed at how busy a life can feel, yet when I try and list out what it is exactly I’ve been doing, the amount accomplished doesn’t exactly match the amount I feel I’ve done. 614 more words


Random deep thoughts

Only some random thoughts from me this check-in, but I have gotten away from checking in on Wednesdays and want to get back into the habit. 318 more words


WIPpet Wednesday

Wasn’t it just Wednesday yesterday?  Thinking about how the past week just sped by, I tried to account for what I’d been doing – I was busy, but was I productive? 361 more words


Dangerous times - WIPpet Wednesday

Look at who’s on time!!

I’m trying this new thing called being on top of things. It’s going pretty well, considering it’s the first day. 140 more words

WIPpets And Snippets

WIPpet Snippet: Let me in so I can leave the right bruises

Hi All,

It’s officially summer here in the way up north and it’s wonderful to see lots of fresh green and a big blue sky. You can tell it’s summer because the birds are singing their good morning song before 4am, and the sun doesn’t set until almost 11pm. 814 more words


#WIPpet Wednesday - "We were just...!"

I almost decided not to post a WIPpet this week, since I’ve done very little writing, but I changed my mind. I might have got more done if the write-in I showed up to with a couple of writing friends last night had actually turned out to be a write-in, and not just a “let’s moan about how we’ve done no writing and we’re so uninspired” session. 422 more words


WIPpet Wednesday: Welcome Back, Vampires


Sworn is off to alpha readers, which means two things.

One: I feel like puking (a lot), because sending a story out to be critiqued for the first time is terrifying. 496 more words

WIPpet Wednesday