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Blood Bowl WIP and Inspiration

My latest project is the Averheim Avengers for Blood Bowl. This is taking a bit of precedence over other projects at the moment as there is a… 190 more words


WIP Reaper Cinderella 50284

More pics of the awesome Cinderella. I’m just really enjoying having a chance to paint with no specific scheme for this model…just letting it flow how it seems it should as I paint. 14 more words


Twelve Years Old

‘If you tell me any more stories about being twelve years old, I’m going to have to punch you.’

He holds up his hands.

‘Please don’t, I’m banged up enough as it is.’ 67 more words


Monday, April 20th, 2015

Today I am working on a “C” hand painted letter. This one will be for my stepmom and after this one I think I’ll be done with making letters for family members for a while! 26 more words


Corner to Corner Baby Blanket

Just starting my first ever C2C Blanket. I came across a pattern by Designs by LisaAuch. So easy, so far anyway! I haven’t had to rip any out! 146 more words


WIP Excerpt...

As the silken darkness of the blindfold descended, she somehow found her voice, though she knew she risked paying a heavy price for speaking out of turn. 31 more words


Realistic Moogle Doodles

What a Moogle may look like if it was real.

Some quick animal mash up doodles with koala, red panda and bats.

Once I refine the design I might end up painting one.