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Start with Flowers

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Stay in touch with the world. Keep abreast of the world’s activity and hear its pulse: art movements and the current affairs of other places– not just things that directly affect you.  515 more words



So it’s snowing outside. I haven’t seen the ground here since last year. It’s like I associate nature with brilliant colors yet, when the snow comes it all turns black and white. 136 more words


The Boot

My younger son lost his boot at school and no one seems to give a shit except for me.

It was lost in a giant snow mound, upon which he apparently was climbing, earlier in the week. 189 more words


Winter Wonderland

Snow, ice, and rain.

That was our first night in New York City, and it was truly awesome. Coming from a city where it doesn’t snow, and barely gets *that* cold, it was all new to us.  509 more words



The the yellow rays of the sun shine
Through the thick black forest,
Melting the cold blue snow
Covering the green grass.



Not just a wisp of snow is due here today, though!

Snow Angel

Growing up in Barrington Il my Mom had a “rule” about new snowfalls…. we were not supposed to “MESS UP” the front yard. We could play and build and tramp through the snow in the backyard, but if we even walked across the snow in the front yard, we’d hear about it — LOUDLY! 463 more words

My Big Backyard