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{recipe test} the healthy chef - porridge with vanilla bean, apple, cinnamon and hazelnut crumble

I love a good bowl of porridge in the winter months but I get sick of the plain ol’ oats and milk with some honey. This recipe livens up the bog standard bowl of porridge and it’s just as easy to make (well – you’ve gotta grate an apple but other than that it is still pretty easy). 215 more words



The things that Winter blues make me do are aimed at satisfying the nagging itch to get out of my tiny little apartment. The wind could whip my face and break my combs later in the day but once the craving settles in, it is go time! 380 more words


The Poet in the Woods

I pictured a poet.

In my mind I saw her flowing, reddish-brown hair, loosely twisted into a bun to keep it from catching on low branches, wearing a green-and-white checked flannel jacket, and carrying a notebook and pencil. 1,059 more words


Look both ways IX

While London bakes in the sun, we are having a very mild winter. For all the people out on the beach today it could have been a summer’s day. 75 more words

South Australia

On the Road

Kangaroos where the cows are supposed to be in Canberra today. The foggy winter’s day became brilliant blue in the afternoon. I have no idea why the autumn leaves are still out!


Winter Inspiration

Joburg winters are something else (and by Joburg, I mean the entire greater Gauteng area). We take a pass on the miserable, damp rain that comes with living in Cape Town and instead we get freezing cold in the sunshine. 57 more words


Failure is giving up

Have you ever thought that giving up on someone or something is the point where failure begins? I’m not talking about giving up a bad habit here I’m talking about relationships. 306 more words

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