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My childhood fantasy

Was to be a super hero

I remember praying to God one day

Promising to do my best to save the world… 219 more words


One Day

One day we will learn that unity is cultivated by the lines that divide…
One day we will learn that all beliefs are temporary in an open mind… 167 more words


Reel It In

As I strive to tighten my discipline, I have observed in myself a curious phenomenon…┬áMore like an ongoing case of mutiny. Intellectual rebellion. 975 more words


Tale of a Rose: Part II

You are the rose who can’t even see the concrete it is famous for growing from.

Weary traveler bleakly pressing your way towards the mountaintop, it seems impossible that breaking through the concrete was ever deemed a victory. 150 more words

Wine For The Soul

Tale of a Rose

You survived your own mutiny.

Subdued the internal revolt.

Your battle scars are resolution and confidence… but that means you’ve got no scars to show. 184 more words

Wine For The Soul

Obviously Blue

It’s a blue sky.

I look up and I know it’s obvious, but I can’t help but be awed by it.

It’s a blue sky. 224 more words


Wine Flights *

The name is already very dreamy, participating in wine flights is supposed to take us on a trip of senses and discovering new wines.
Wine flight are themed nights dedicated for tasting several bottles, it is the perfect opportunity to compare different wine and discover your new favorite one, while understanding specific regions, vintages or gape varieties. 141 more words