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Connect Two Computers Via Lan Cable

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to transfer data from one computer to another. We need to PC/Laptop and a lan cable to transfer data. 263 more words

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Windows Phone 7.8 Gmail app not working properly

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I think ever since my Lumia 800 was upgraded to 7.8, the gmail app stopped working properly. There are two things that don’t work well: 253 more words


Challenge for Change winners inspire, apps keep your devices in sync and Kinect powers a symphony — Weekend Reading, May 29 edition

Young people who just might change the world, apps to help you achieve more and a first-of-its-kind musical performance were just a few of this week’s highlights. 745 more words


Abstract | Space bridge

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By danyparodi

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Xbox Music Cloud collection not available on Windows Phone 8

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Very simple, and I assume the only issue is that Xbox Music isn’t bug free yet. All of my music that has been cloud matched are on both my XPS 10 tablet (Windows RT) and on my Windows 8 laptop. 520 more words


Little Windows Batch to get yyyymmdd (year, month, day of month)

Do you need to write a windows batch and need to get yyyymmdd?  It is a nightmare if you deploy your batch file to multiple machines (e.g. 72 more words


About Viruses and Files

So my friend asked me to help clean his memory card.

Experience has thought me never to double-click on a removable drive. I advice everyone reading this to abide by that principle as well. 447 more words