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Nature Wakes

Mothering Sunday, my Mum is the best

Animals stir, birds build a nest

Rain and winds, some days are quite grey

C… 16 more words

Rhymes - Poems For Pleasure



      Sometimes i dream to be a spy, Nikita, just sometimes!

      The week of wind

      Despite the fact that my job is all about the atmosphere, the one thing that is guaranteed to ruin my day is wind. Not passing wind, that’s… 464 more words



      I like the wind,
      the freshness of it,
      the power,
      how it alters everything in its path,
      how it makes the trees come alive,
      how it can make a hot day bearable, 31 more words



      the wind also sings
      out of my register
      it flings me to second chair
      with a worship beyond world
      like an armed vanguard
      it heaves a mighty word upon us… 50 more words