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Money lures Nation Twp farmers to lease land for wind turbines

“If I didn’t sign, I would see the windmills without revenue”: cash crop farmer Marc Bercier

Not too many years ago, cash cropper and seed grower/processor Marc Bercier was actively opposed to green energy projects being proposed and built in his area, but this February he signed for a potential five windmills* and one substation to be located on his 1,700 acres. 354 more words

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Deadline today in Addington Highlands vote

Property owners in Addington Highlands are reminded that the deadline to register your opinion on the issue of the proposed wind power project by U.S.-based NextEra is midnight TONIGHT. 14 more words

Prowind wind farm in Norwich appealed

Prowind was the wind power developer based in Germany that had a proposal for the North Gower-Richmond area of Ottawa. The company failed to qualify for bids for new projects in 2015. 404 more words

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Curt Devlin: Details a Decade of Turbine Torture


Curt Devlin hales from Fairhaven, Massachusetts U.S.A. He was formerly a Teaching Fellow in the Philosophy Department at Tulane University.  He revved up against the great wind power fraud back in 2007, when a wind power outfit set out to spear a clutch of giant fans into the undisturbed and ecologically sensitive salt marshes surrounding a quite estuary in the Little Bay area of Fairhaven – an area bordered by densely populated neighborhoods. 3,258 more words


Senate's Wind Farm Inquiry: Steven Cooper's Evidence on his Groundbreaking Study


The Australian Senate Inquiry into the great wind power fraud kicked off on 30 March.

And, fitting it was, that this band of merry men – Queensland National Senator, … 9,414 more words

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Conscience Bites Commissioner for Approving Wind Farm & Causing Hatred & Division


As the world wakes up to the scale and scope of the great wind power fraud – its inordinate cost to power consumers and taxpayers – the state-sponsored, malfeasance of the wind power outfits that ride the subsidy gravy train, and roughshod over hard-working rural people – and the bitter community division and hatred its roll-out brings – those who have aided and abetted it, have a choice: either pop their consciences into a lead-lined box (so as to avoid any pangs of personal guilt); or front-up to the better Angels of their natures; and seek redemption, and forgiveness, for the unnecessary damage that they’ve caused. 987 more words

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