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The Final Settlement

I hike up ahead. That snap
And crack of branches breaking,
Is me, hiking up ahead.

And passing by a door, there
Sat Calhoun, wrapped up tight… 93 more words


William Walker, King of the Filibusters

The history of US interventions in Central America is a long one, as the self-styled champion of freedom and democracy has conspired against, invaded, and occupied just about every country in the region, from declaring war with Mexico in 1846 to invading Panama in 1989. 1,192 more words


"Sad Swashbuckler."

There is no way that this book can be as good as its cover.

Sorry, Mr. Gerson; it’s over before it’s begun.

Acrostic for RAIN

R  efresh and renew
A  ppreciate plants in all their stages
nvite new dreams as we age and life changes
N  ever without hope… 16 more words


NATO, why Canada joined,and why we need to get out immediately.

NATO, why Canada joined,and why we need to get out immediately.

William Ray , Canadian Army(RET.)


December 21st,  2014

“General Lewis Mackenzie ran for the conservative party in Canada, this man is in no way radical or conspiratorial.
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