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Tues 19 May 2015: Taking good care of Pirate Captain @benhammersley boat

Pirate Captain Ben has left us in charge of his boat whilst he goes off to sail the high seas looking for more treasure.

My Dad has lots of plans to build things for the boat but he started off by making this box so I can sit on it when the boat is boating down the canal… 130 more words

Wild's Diary

Fri 15 May 2015: My brother Drum is one

My brother Drum is a whole year old.

When he was born he was too little to go on the slide or the swings or play with toys…All he did was drink milk and sleep and cry if you took his… 42 more words

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Tues 12 May 2015: My playdate with Isabella at Full of Beans

This is my best friend Bella, she used to be in my class but now her Mummy and Daddy have bought a big house in the countryside so she isn’t anymore. 79 more words

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Tue 05 May 2015: How I got a big parcel and kept my trousers up with some help from @Easybelts

Some people – like my friend Franklin – need belts because they are too skinny to keep their jeans or shorts up. I actually have the opposite problem which is that after I have had my tea and sneaked another pudding it’s tricky to get that pesky button at the top to do up. 276 more words

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Tue 28 April 2015: How we walked a dinosaur on Wanstead Flats and fixed the road

Our new house is right by a big field called Wanstead Flats. Dinosaurs live there, it’s pretty cool! We caught one in the field like my cousin catches Taffy the pony and we took him for a walk. 99 more words

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Thurs 23 April 2015: All about my birthday

It was my birthday all day yesterday. From when I got up at half past five to when I went to bed.

I got a shiny blue bike of my very own, with a bell on it that has a picture of Lightening McQueen, for when you want to go a bit faster. 57 more words

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Wed 15 April 2015: How my new bedroom got a forest in it with help from @vinylimpression

In our new house my bedroom was just a normal sort of bedroom, but it was my very own room so it was pretty cool just as it was. 93 more words

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