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Thurs 02 July 2015: How my brother learned to walk and fork... but he still can't talk...

My brother Drum is littler than me and my Mum says we are very different. When I was small I did lots of talking, as anyone who has read my blog for a long time will know… But that is because I am interesting and I have a lot to say about most things. 121 more words

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Mon 22 June 2015: Happy Fathers Day to my Dad

My Dad is the best Dad there is because he always plays with me and builds things for me and reads me stories and lets me jump on him in bed. 125 more words

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Fri 19 June 2015: Drum does the Hump

Our friend Jordan from Rizzle Kicks and Miquita Oliver played badminton with us recently in Clissold Park when we were at Drum’s godfather Garfield’s birthday party – so my brother Drum did a thank you dance…

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Mon 15 June 2015: My brother Drum's first day of nursery #BoosBunnyHop

My brother Drum is very little, but he does like to try and do grown up things like eating with forks and taking off his trousers and singing along to the radio. 92 more words

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Wed 10 June 2015: My Top Five places in #ForestGate

We recently moved to our new home in Forest Gate so I’m an expert on the area now. Here are my best places:

1. Wanstead Flats… 255 more words

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Tues 19 May 2015: Taking good care of Pirate Captain @benhammersley boat

Pirate Captain Ben has left us in charge of his boat whilst he goes off to sail the high seas looking for more treasure.

My Dad has lots of plans to build things for the boat but he started off by making this box so I can sit on it when the boat is boating down the canal… 130 more words

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Fri 15 May 2015: My brother Drum is one

My brother Drum is a whole year old.

When he was born he was too little to go on the slide or the swings or play with toys…All he did was drink milk and sleep and cry if you took his… 42 more words

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