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Piper's Corner Preserve - Shamong, NJ

Piper’s Corner Preserve – Shamong, Burlington County, NJ
Distance: No official listing, but I did 1.4 miles and missed two cut through trails
Type: Loop with some offshoots and cut throughs. 752 more words


The Bear in My Backyard

I know spring is here for certain when my annual bear makes his first vernal visitation. I’ll hear a ruckus outside and the thud of a downed trashcan, followed by a sighting a few moments later if I’m lucky. 727 more words

Connection & Compassion


WESTFJORDS is the name of a large peninsula in north-western Iceland and an administrative district.  It is connected to the rest of Iceland by a 7km wide “isthmus” between GILSFJOROUR & BITRUFJOROUR.  909 more words


Sapa North Vietnam

o much more than fresh air and amazing landscapes in the heights of SaPa North Vietnam, walking with the Hmong people through their village in the continuous rain for 26km was nothing short of an experience.

Holy Baby Bird Season

It’s March 31. I’m taking a car ride to Fallen Feathers from Wickenburg. They thought I was a Cooper Hawk baby, but I am a week old Great Horned Owl nestling and I am already an orphan. 401 more words

Bird Rehabilitation

Steller sea lions

Steller sea lions (Carnivora: Otariidae: Eumetopias jubatus) can be found scattered along northern Pacific coastlines from California to Japan. These ocean-dwelling mammals often congregate for breeding, feeding, and socializing. 168 more words