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Free Wifi Spot

Select few Delhi Metro stations, including Rajiv Chowk and Central Secretariat, would soon be Wi-Fi zones. Delhi Metro and the Rail Tel Corporation signed an MoU and made the announcement on Wednesday. 55 more words


Using Chromecast in your Cisco enterprise WLAN environment

Chromecast is an interesting product even for businesses, especially it’s screen casting function (although still listed as experimental) can be utilized to present your PC to an external monitor – reducing the need for the right cables or adapters in between. 432 more words


Here We Go... WIFI Making People Sick

(Sniff, sniff) I smell a (frivolous) lawsuit!

You do realize that’s coming, right?

The ambulance chasers will pollute the courts with another frivolous lawsuit initiated by society’s professional victim class looking to exploit a few dollars for their own personal gain, will find a sympathetic liberal activist judge, and the result will end up being the stupid, worthless, lazy and undeserving will become wealthy after suing “big, evil telecommunications giants whose only interest is profit no matter what”, and the consumers will eventually pay a lot more for a relatively inexpensive service. 410 more words


and.... ACTION!

3:58 pm
Fri, May 21, 2015
So sitting here eating a pot pie. Still haven’t slept but i started making a tutorial for my make up and boy does my voice sound weird through video! 392 more words


Implementing WPA2-Enterprise or How to Limit your Teen's Internet Access

As regulatory compliance and corporate security awareness ramps up my company has realized that we must audit who is accessing our wireless networks, when, and how much data is being pumped through the air on their behalf. 959 more words