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Vienna: The Pursuit of the Sacher Torte

Vienna may be famous for music but there is one other thing it is famous for: the sacher torte, aka the most famous chocolate cake in the whole world. 891 more words


5 Day B&W Photo Challenge: Vienna, Austria

My fourth B&W photo is a unique view of Wien’s Schönbrunn Palace (Schloss Schönbrunn).
What are your thoughts?

I’m taking part in the 5 Day Black and White Photo Challenge. 58 more words



Gerade gab ich auf Twitter preis, dass ich mindestens zwei Jahrzehnte ohne Klolicht gelebt habe. Das war nicht meine Schuld, es hat sich so ergeben. Ich hätte das Schreiben darüber auf später verschoben, wenn mir nicht die Bauchklappe meines Herzmotivstanzanhängers hinters Bett gefallen wäre, wodurch ich gezwungenermaßen darüber sinnieren musste, dass es wohl keine vergeudetere Lebenszeit gibt, als die Zeit, die ich damit verbracht habe, die Herzmotivstanzanhängerbauchklappe mittels Kochessstäbchen wieder hinter dem Bett hervorzubringen. 502 more words



So, I’ve documented some of these guys around the place. Considering how they are perceived, I’m surprised how frequently they are used in logos here in Austria… Onve again we are on Vollzeile in the 1st district.



One of the last night spent in Vienna, my adoption city for 4 months in 1987…as usual, I was coming back from the coffee, where I had a few pints, spent the night drinking, playing chess, I was probably holding alcohol better than my friends-opponent (chess speaking…) because I won a lot of game coming back from behind, after a last one with those friends, the bar owner Raimund, the coffee bear his name Raimund International, the waiter Andy, his girl friend, Christine, , and a few others, I was coming back to my temporary place for those months, a nice pension held by Khaled and his wife, a nice polish woman, can’t remember her name, anyhow, not important, I saw that store showcase, and make a night shot with my faithful friend at that time, my beloved Pentax K-1000, and I was probably thinking, I will make a painting of that, it’s been close to 30 years, still a project…for my older days to come…:) The problem I think I have too many projects for the number of old days left…so I guess I have to get back working hard on my paintings and other things…pastel, photos, illustrations….:) and getting a new faithful friend, don’t know if it will be a Nikon, Canon or another type of numeric camera… 191 more words