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Protection - House Blessing

“What’s wrong Jessica?” I asked

“We just finished moving into our new home,” she said.

“How great!”

But Jessica’s face told another story. “I don’t feel like my family and I are the only ones there. 760 more words

Moonwater Silverclaw

Happy Firecracker!

I hope you all have a great Independence Day. With the SCOTUS ruling of the Equal Marriage Act the U.S. is a little bit more free.

— Rowan Ravenwing


Coming our isn't easy -- Part 3

I said I came out by the Oops method because I did. I had been moved out for a while and for some reason was over at my parent’s house gardening, I think, and my mom must have started at least four sentences with “when you get married”. 1,087 more words


Hymn to Osiris

Hymn to Osiris

The doors of perception open; what was hidden has been revealed. It is myself I see and a thousand colors swirling in liquid light. 313 more words


Chakras (and hello!)

Welcome to Magic Little Monsters. I’m your hostess, Miss E and I will be bringing you information on Paganism, Wicca (or Wica for us traditionalists) and general spirituality. 682 more words


The Littlest Druid visits the spring forest

Aisling skipped down the lane with her long red braids flying behind her. Spring was finally here. She could see the lambs gamboling around the meadow and head butting each other. 1,082 more words



I’ve been searching for my Goddess for awhile now and I realized that I feel more attuned to Brigid and I only liked Bastet because she’s connected to cats. Hmm….