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The Bitter Taste of Panic (3)

Read part one here and part two here.

What the police would find collided with what I wouldn’t find as I stood there watching them pull out their handguns and walk around the corner. 1,311 more words


Math, the second

I wrote a post on this subject earlier, and I’m going to again, because my teacher gave our class fifty-five problems. Fifty-five. Yes, we have a test coming up, but still–don’t we deserve some time away from math? 62 more words


The Will To Inspire!

Put simply, this is “why” I do what I do. It’s not for the nice things or incredible perks. It’s because I’ve been there before – where it feels like your back is up against a wall, and you need any source of hope to push forward, change it up, and create a better, more meaningful life for yourself! 27 more words


Comfy T-Shirts! 😊

Please explain 2 me why I can go find a pack of soft, comfortable and tag less T-Shirts for my husband.  But I can’t find a pack of comfy, soft and tag less T-Shirts for me!   6 more words

Comfort Sacrificed

My Phone Won't Let Me Complain

So I made 3 posts over this past 2 weeks from the app on my phone. All complaining about snow days. Apparently, my phone thinks complaining is for losers and never posted them even though it said it did. 230 more words

Why I started this blog

I love Sant’Antioco island and its people. 8 Years ago we decided to buy our Place in this little paradise island and had the chance to experience it all: its colours, flavours, wild nature, beautiful beaches, romans and fenicians ruins, local religious rituals, the food, the wine, the kindness of its inhabitants and even their contradictions. 154 more words