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Jesus Had to Die, but Maybe Not for our Sins (Part 1)

When Adam and Eve were created God made them Lord’s over the whole earth. It was theirs to do whatever they wished with. Whatever they wished turned out to be worshiping Satan. 701 more words

Why We Homeschool

Homeschooling is the third, and little known, educational option open to parents. It is often a controversial subject amongst Christian that can be a source of large amounts of bias and emotionally charged discussions. 688 more words



Today I’m kinda feeling so wierd. I puked this morning. I wonder if its due to hours of traveling by sea and by land or another might have caused this. 63 more words


Questions I would like to ask Jesse:

  1. Why did you do it, you dick?
  2. Did you never stop to think about what it would do to the rest of us?
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Young Adult

Why Netherlands?

After I decided to move in Netherlands the first step was to find a job. Since my country is in EU it was easier, due to the fact that no work or residence permits are needed. 505 more words


7 years of trying to make sense of it all.....

Today is the 7 year anniversary of chaosandreason ; thanks for stoppin’ by!

There is no intention to stop the search for truth and direction in this increasingly absurd, beautiful and complicated world.  275 more words