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Who, What, Where, When & Why?

Who? Well, that is probably what everyone is wondering right now, right? Who am I. Well, I’m a 19 year old freshman at a beautiful campus (insert college here) trying to pursue my dreams of becoming a director. 379 more words


Stripping back my identity I made myself a blank canvas, to then replicate my online identity on top. An experiment into how I’m perceived, how I express myself, and what parts don’t I want to be seen.

Identity reveal (2015) – work in progress


Who looks to Who and Why?

I’m sitting on a sofa with my wife, and wondering why, when God has intervened in matters only pertaining in global scales… why would he help Moses in a very specific problem, in a very localized area. 151 more words

Food For Thought

The Origins Of The Mon

So I decided to write this post because a few people have been asking me questions like “why is your blog called the Mon?” “How did you get that nickname?” …..the list goes on. 300 more words


The Realm of Why: Best Friends

Asking ‘Why?’ is such a nebulous and possibly dangerous question.  I am sure I will be writing a lot with regard to this question on various topics but this one is about best friends.   829 more words


why do we game?

Recently completed a poll asking people what their favorite game genre is. While the answer to this question is always interesting, it begs a follow up.   574 more words


Why do I make?

Whilst in France we were all challenged by the question- “Why do you make?”. What a question hey?! It really made me start to look at what I usually make and why. 400 more words