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Messengers and Teachers

Spirit shares gems of wisdom with me. Why? I don’t know,
but I’m glad he does.

He tells me that I’m not the one who’s directing His… 150 more words

Developing Awareness

7 Struggles of Motivation To Change


Today I wanted to take the opportunity to motivate all those who are in desperate need and are asking the question, “Why should I keep going?”. 930 more words

Microchipping 101

All cats and kittens from Lina’s Cat Rescue are fitted with a microchip. But there are a lot of myths about microchips that can lead to them being useless! 604 more words

How & Why To Prefer Online MBA Degree ?

Globalization and emerging advancements in the contemporary have led people to worry about their career opportunities and about flourishing their family. Most of University graduates seek their career after completion of their bachelors but face the music when it is about updating their profile and seeking higher position. 555 more words


Doing Good For All The Wrong Reasons

Are you a good person?

What makes you think that way? Do you think you are good for all that the good that you do? Do you think that you are bad because you don’t do good things for other people? 699 more words



I’ve always wanted to write. Ever since I knew it levels my head. Any extreme emotion I feel is reset when i write and I can resume the game I was playing – Life. 125 more words



Can’t he give me a little time..just a little.. no, I didn’t ask for a time alone, I ask for his time, can’t he give me a little, he’s always too busy with his game and I almost tired of it. 104 more words

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