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Its like a Kinder surprise, but without the Kinder

So yeah. Online dating. I’ve been doing it awhile, and I’ve become rather jaded: the possibilities of false advertising are just too vast.

Exhibit 1: Classic misrepresentation… 961 more words



Did you know I am blind,

And will never see?

I ask myself, why me?

Did you know I can’t walk?

I won’t never talk… 71 more words


My Phone Won't Let Me Complain

So I made 3 posts over this past 2 weeks from the app on my phone. All complaining about snow days. Apparently, my phone thinks complaining is for losers and never posted them even though it said it did. 230 more words

Why Not Me?

Victim Mentality – we all know of at least one person that has it.  It’s the “Why me? Everything bad always happens to me!” mindset.  I’ve recently realized that I am one such person, but instead of “Why me?!” it’s been “But, what about me? 691 more words

What's the race about?!

Oi there…. Wait a minute! Where are you headed to?
I find myself asking this question to myself very often for the past few years. I was unable to answer that at first. 106 more words

Wine is my Wife.

If any of you are asking, I am not an alcoholic…

However, I like to drink wine.. A lot of Wine, and when I drink the wine I like to whine about how shitty life actually is, like right now! 165 more words


There is always a charm listening to people discover the concept of Tinder for the first time. Such innocence!

Exhibit A: the Bloggess, misunderstanding a friend’s enthusiastic approval of Alan Rickman… 755 more words