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welcome to not knowing

Hi. My name is Elizabeth. Well, for all intensive purposes it is. My life is kind of weird at the moment. Sorry to be lame, but the primary issues just so happen to be with boys. 224 more words


Dating Disaster Picture of The Day

Here is a screen ahot of a guys first message to me. Should I be insulted by this?


If I Had Known


If I had known

That this was going to be my lot in life

I would have topped myself a long time ago

Just given up the fight… 108 more words

What Did I Do To Deserve This

One of those days.

Tonight at work has truly been obnoxious . Seriously i think the entire shift was ready to quit. Lord knows I’d love to walk out right now. 150 more words


The Soul in searching questions

As I navigate through each twist and turn that life’s journey continually throws up at me, on the way I find myself wondering if there might be any substance in thinking, that perhaps everything might happen for a reason. 1,253 more words

Freak Number 33 - The Fisherman

There comes a time when you have been single for ages that you start to wonder if you really want to be in a relationship with someone or perhaps you are enjoying the fact that you can have the command of the remote control whenever you want and the fact that you can have a slither of your bed after the cats have claimed the prime position on your… I mean.. 929 more words



my ear hurts
but its not like “ow, mah earrr”
its more like “my fUHcking EAaR pls just fUHCking rip it off jEsus chRIST”
and its pissing me off ima punch something