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the crack in everything

“Why is this happening to you?” asked my sister after I told her I was facing my second major medical concern in six months, this one involving surgery. 713 more words

On Faith


I’ve looked a hundred times and still ask, “why?”

Why me?

If you are alive, you have gone through some sort of crisis in your life.  And chances are high that somewhere during the suffering of this crisis you asked the question, “Why me?”.   1,518 more words

New Testament

"Why Me?"

Trials and hard times…who wants them? But as Susie Hawkins asks “what makes you think you’re going to escape it and the rest of us have to go through it” In other words what makes you so special that you do not have to experience trials but it is fine if I have to? 435 more words

GOD, Why me?

Today I came across a true story about a great tennis player of his time, namely Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. a.k.a. Arthur Ashe.

Arthur Ashe was the first black player selected to the United States Davis Cup team and the only black man ever to win the singles title at Wimbledon, the US Open, or the Australian Open. 187 more words

whines, how longs & putting it out there

It’s time to come clean.

I used to have a ‘Why me’, whiny tendency which ran deep.

Very deep, in fact it was my go to inside voice. 240 more words

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