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Why Don't You... Smile Like Edie Sedgwick

Why don’t you smile like Edie Sedgwick. A smile that stems not from the neck, but one that comes from the your face and your mind. 24 more words


Why Don’t You? #78


Why don’t you plant an entire garden, a big garden, mind you, with all varieties of salad greens? I did this yesterday, and I simply cannot wait to harvest big bowls full of arugula and weird lettuces and endive and all sorts of greens. 385 more words


Put Me in a Box, Why don't You, Poetry by Gun Roswell

“Life is not simple, and people can’t be boxed into being either heroes or villains” Jessica Hagedorn

Genre: Rhyme, Society, Judgement

Put Me in a Box, Why don’t You… 139 more words


Why Don’t You? #76


Why don’t you visit the National Gallery of Art’s website and download a great number of free paintings? I went on a spree last night gathering together a collection of Flemish still life paintings of flowers from the Baroque period. 441 more words


Why Don’t You? #75


Why don’t you start a ghastly rumor about your house so that your neighbors and their squawking children stop being so friendly? I live in the country for a reason! 489 more words


Why Don't You? #74


Why don’t you always have a champagne bucket at your side? It’s an elegant way to cool your beverages, and you needn’t only chill champagne. 481 more words