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"Nearly half of all beginning teachers will leave their classrooms within 5 years" via @NPR

“Nearly half of all beginning teachers will leave their classrooms within five years, only to be replaced by another fresh-faced educator” Phillips (read full interview here… 428 more words

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@Huron Named One of @Forbes America's Best Employers 2015

Why is this headline important? Because, Google’s HR Chief Laszlo Bock tells Forbes (cite),

There’s intense global competition for the best, most creative minds who are able to create the biggest, most important things, and that’s going to continue accelerating.

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#MaximizePerformance: The Nine Principles® and the Pursuit of Performance Excellence

The Nine Principles® are the glue that holds Evidence-Based Leadership together. They are probably the easiest way to communicate to every department what it takes to create a culture of high performance. 284 more words

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Educators Discuss Teacher Leadership at #FLTeachLead via @ValeriaBrownEdu

Yesterday was an opportunity for educators across Florida and beyond to discuss, think about, and develop a strategy for teacher leadership. This was Florida’s Teacher Leader Summit!  277 more words

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One #EdLeader's Response to #MaximizePerformance... Values of #Leaders

Yesterday’s What’s Right post encouraged the addition of more focused time and much more commitment to developing skills in leaders. Why? Because in doing so we do something new to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, consistency, and reliability of educational systems. 398 more words

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#MaximizePerformance: Focus on the Values of #Leaders

In most organizations, leaders might say they do training, and some of them do, but not in the area of leadership skill building. In K12 systems, few leaders receive training on how to build an engaged workforce, hold effective meetings, engage in process-improvement strategies, recognize and provide feedback on individual performance, and communicate using key messaging strategies. 369 more words

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Testing Tips for Parents and Students via Dr @janetpilcher, @BlabTV

Dr. Janet Pilcher began her career as an educator in the late 80s as a high school mathematics teacher and tennis coach at Woodham High School in the Escambia County School District (FL). 655 more words

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