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Fast approaching…. we have a new season upon us!  The Farmers Market opens the 2015 Season in 4 weeks!

That’s right!!  Wow…. that time is going to fly fast…. 61 more words


All About Wheat, Gluten, and Whole Grains

So something that’s confused me over the years of trying to eat healthy is what exactly different labels on wheat products and other grains mean. Here’s a summary of important terms (definitions and other notes) to consider when you are trying to eat whole, real foods: 844 more words

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Millefiore Cookies

Poker Night Fun

We’ve got a new tradition in our house where the spouse hosts a monthly poker night with some friends from work. I love it; partly because we both love entertaining (even if I’m not there so much – good to be an introvert!), partly because it’s cute and novel (in 18+ years together we’ve never really gone in for gender-divided activities), and partly because they’re a great bunch of guys and I feel happy to help them have fun hanging out. 429 more words


Homemade Hamburger Buns

Two startling realizations popped into my head last night.  First, I don’t remember the last time I purchased a pre-made bread product (sandwich, bagel, bun, etc).   511 more words


Intense Dense Dark Cocoa Brownies

Awhile back I checked out a book from the library called Cookies for Kids’ Cancer: Best Bake Sale Cookbook, which both told the inspiring story behind the… 286 more words

Whole Grain

Cheesy Sorghum Chicken Casserole

Here is another recipe using whole grain sorghum. The green chilies and red pepper flakes give it just a little bit of spicy kick that is absorbed by the whole grain sorghum. 444 more words

Gluten Free

A perfect stack of pancakes.

Aren’t pancakes just the most perfect, iconic breakfast food? In all their fluffy, cakey, maple syrup soaked glory, they’re pretty wonderful to wake up to. Of course your traditional flapjack encompasses all these wonderful qualities, but is less than stellar from a nutrition perspective. 463 more words