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I know who I am…and so do you.

The reason we sometimes forget is we begin to worry what others think and compromise.

We erode our soul and confusion comes in. 12 more words

The Real You

Encouraging Life Quote - Decide Yourself

“You can’t let other people tell you who you are. You have to decide that for yourself.”

You are who you are. Different person with different opinions and you can’t simply put water with oil together as they don’t match.

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Encouraging Life

Thought of the Day: Self-Awareness

We are our strongest when we are self-aware. When we are self-aware, we stop pretending to be who we are not. When we are self-aware, we can see our flaws, accept them and grow from them. 90 more words

Daily Life Posts

Hi guys~ for today’s life post I’d like to write down some lyrics from a song that you may have heard of before but I believe actually speaks to the people who listen to it, that’s becuase I graruntee that at least once in your life there has been something or someone who pressured you to somehow change yourself, and maybe you haven’t even realized it but even the simple things around us can influence our choices…… 314 more words

Who Do You Think You Are?

This relates an important life event, it’s an odd situation, so let me set the scene.

David L. was a client of mine. He asked me for help; a big client of his was demanding a big meeting regarding a climate control system he’d designed and installed for them. 1,529 more words


The Looks you get for Looking Different

I sense some movement. Is it coming from behind me or from the right? Maybe the left? Is it too early to reveal my next move?  1,066 more words