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" the Joker series " : hello!


we all agree that we use the word – hello – when meeting or greeting someone. also the word is used to attract someone´s attention and it can be used as an expression of surprise. 199 more words

By Anna Vandel

Have you ever felt?

Hey! :) Hope you all are good today! :)

So, Have you ever felt that when you’re around certain people you had to act a certain way, say certain things or just think differently then you usually would in your own element??? 91 more words



We have “connected the dots” to see who we truly are inside. We also tried several personality tests to enhance our belief in what we found about ourselves. 421 more words

4 Step Regime

" the Joker series " by Anna Vandel

” the Joker series “

by Anna Vandel

” the Joker series “ is a project which contains series of answers to the question – who you are? 130 more words


Who am I?

A few weeks ago I was on the phone with my mom and she told me about all of these old news articles that she had found on my great-grandfather. 697 more words


I'm Not Sure Where This is Going...

So when I blog, it’s mostly about me figuring things out.  Saying things out loud.  Making it real.  So this is me making me real.  Does your mind ever ask your heart questions?   1,440 more words

Who Do I Want to Become?

I ask myself this question quite a lot. Who do I want to become? Who do I want to be? Some people will look at this question and think big, think things such as ‘I want to become Prime Minister’ or ‘I want to be Beyonce’ and I say go for it, I mean who is stopping you but this isn’t the sort of person that I am talking about. 207 more words