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Anne Babson: The White Trash Pantheon

I just met this author at a coffee shop, while reviewing a proof of her new book. The release date is April 20 on Amazon. 83 more words


One of my biggest concerns about teaching has always been the way my students perceive my whiteness. I’m sure there’s many people who just read that sentence and had a hard time fully digesting it. 1,076 more words

Women in the news - the good, the bad, and the ugly

I wanted to highlight three news stories related to women that struck me in some way this week…

1.  The Atlantic has an article in response to a recent collection of essays by people – women people and men people as well – who don’t want to have kids.  601 more words

In The News

Over-represented Jews are Offended at Underrepresented Whites

Despite being over-represented in key institutions all over America, often by as much as 47 times at Harvard for instance, Jews still have their media and spokespeople telling the population the problem is white privilege. 179 more words

Godawful Horrifying News

#WHITEPRIVILEGE: 16YearOld @AmandlaStenberg SHUTS DOWN #CulturalAppropriation/White Celebs Who Subscribe To It WATCH


           16 year old actress Amandla Stenberg, best known for her roles on “Hunger Games” and “Colombiana” eloquently describes the true nature of Hair, culture, and race in the Afrikan American community. 288 more words

Tahir Register

Does the X-Pro II Filter Make Me Look Fat?

Julia I’m having a moment of weakness today and I’m just feeling bloated and fat (#menstruation). These are the only moments that I find myself wanting to do crunches and planks and shit. 1,243 more words