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Science proves people act more racist than they think

Most people want to believe that their place in the world is something they earned, either through hard work, preparation, or both. I understand this sentiment. 1,131 more words

In Defence of the Grammar Nerd

This is a response to this article, which, for the record, I largely agree with. (Great. My first sentence in the grammar-related post, and I ended it with a preposition.) I’ll try not to sound like too much of a pretentious twat- but no promises, as I quite often  542 more words

Inclusion Foundations: Of Power and Privilege

Power and privilege are two terms that will invariably put people on the defensive. Often, people feel attacked when they are told that they hold privilege and have a position of innate power, or feel unjustifiably victimized when they are told they do not. 731 more words

Being labelled white and privileged is not an insult, it is a fact

By Mike Pope @mikepopeonline

Being told you are privileged, even if it is true, is never a pleasant experience. To learn that by an accident of birth you are more fortunate that the vast majority of the people in the world is difficult to comprehend. 705 more words


'Diversity much?': ThinkProgress group photo looks a little pasty

ThinkProgress—the blog for the far left Center for American Progress—deserves kudos for their undeniable commitment to diversity.

Today is our ten year anniversary! Here's how we got here: …

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Authors Respond To "Stop Reading White, Straight, Cis Male Authors for One Year Challenge"

Recently, an article published on xojane.com challenged readers to stop reading fiction from white, straight, cis males for a year in an effort to diversify people’s reading experiences. 440 more words

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3/2 - Whiteness & White Privilege in Hip Hop (TTJ # 14)

Ultimately, Rodman rightly pushes us to contextualized Eminem not simply as an individual that carries the weight of racism, homophobia, and sexism in his shoulders (though there is definitely something to be said about the ROLE of artists in maintaining status quo behaviors), but rather to see/hear/think about Eminem as existing within the cultural politics of White, Middle Class, Hetero-normative, patriarchal America. 34 more words