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Foreign Policy: Nine Former Gitmo Detainees Return to Battle in Last Six Months

The nine individuals who most recently returned to the battlefield were all released during the George W. Bush administration. During the Bush administration, Guantánamo had a recidivism rate of 20.7 percent, with 110 of 532 individuals released returning to battle… 564 more words
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Charles C.W. Cooke: Progressives, Its Time to Start Panicking: THERE IS NO PLAN B

Once we take Hillary out of the equation, the game looks rather different. As potent as it might be on paper, the Democratic party’s present edge within the Electoral College is by no means infinite, and it does not obtain in a personality vacuum… 612 more words

U.S. to review Hillary Clinton's emails, could take months

WATCH: Secretary of State John Kerry says the State Department will work immediately to review former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails so they can be publicly released. 822 more words


Hillary Clinton urges State Department to release her e-mails

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton urged the State Department to release the emails she wrote from a private email account as secretary of state, weighing in on a controversy that has generated negative attention this week for the likely Democratic presidential candidate. 773 more words


John Davidson: King v. Burwell Reveals The Threat Of The Administrative State

What happens to the subsidies should not be the court’s concern. The only question that matters in King is whether the administration used the IRS to rewrite a law Congress passed… 897 more words
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