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Green Tea Shots

Okay so this is a great and easy to make drink that is the perfect mix of manliness and flavorful easy to take down shots. So what you will need to make this drink is: 85 more words

Green Tea

Wie kommt man rein?


Es ist wie im Märchen – wer den falschen Drücker/Knopf wählt muss draussen bleiben. Aber für hoffnungslose Fälle gibts den Doorman, der mit hilfreichen Tipps aufwartet. 126 more words


Scotch Cocktails

{The Selkirk Sparkler}

Some say that a Scotsman is only a good as his whiskey. Being a Scottish lady, there are some things I still can’t get behind, and drinking Scotch neat is one of them. 157 more words


Whiskey Sour

Forget the cosmos, lemon drops or vodka & Red Bull, and have a real cocktail with texture,balance of flavor and is one of America’s oldest cocktails. 113 more words

Daddy-o's Martinis

blood orange whiskey sour

Valentine’s day is almost upon us!

You know what really puts people in the mood for romance?



I wanted to come up with a cute little romantical cocktail for me and Russell to enjoy on this oh-so-romantic occasion, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of what to serve. 548 more words


New York Sour

A classic drink from the pre-Prohibition era. Sour, sweet, rich, and optional red wine makes a brilliant two-toned layered drink.


There's a Blizzard a-coming!

Sometimes, no one says it better than The Onion. Yesterday I was so excited to have a planned snow day that I promptly downed a celebratory whiskey sour and then headed for the market. 198 more words