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Friday Fiction: Toys

“So what you’re saying is, I’m broke?” Jake asked plainly as he sipped on his whiskey sour.

“No, I’m saying you need to do something before we are broke.”his wife snapped back, turning quickly on her heels and stomping off into the kitchen. 492 more words


Behold the Organic and Paleo Whiskey Sour!

I went into survival mode this evening, hunting (just as my paleo ancestors most likely found themselves doing) around to gather the basic ingredients for a well-balanced, nutritious meal. 100 more words


Green Tea Shots

Okay so this is a great and easy to make drink that is the perfect mix of manliness and flavorful easy to take down shots. So what you will need to make this drink is: 85 more words

Green Tea

Wie kommt man rein?


Es ist wie im Märchen – wer den falschen Drücker/Knopf wählt muss draussen bleiben. Aber für hoffnungslose Fälle gibts den Doorman, der mit hilfreichen Tipps aufwartet. 126 more words


Scotch Cocktails

{The Selkirk Sparkler}

Some say that a Scotsman is only a good as his whiskey. Being a Scottish lady, there are some things I still can’t get behind, and drinking Scotch neat is one of them. 157 more words


Whiskey Sour

Forget the cosmos, lemon drops or vodka & Red Bull, and have a real cocktail with texture,balance of flavor and is one of America’s oldest cocktails. 113 more words

Daddy-o's Martinis

blood orange whiskey sour

Valentine’s day is almost upon us!

You know what really puts people in the mood for romance?



I wanted to come up with a cute little romantical cocktail for me and Russell to enjoy on this oh-so-romantic occasion, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of what to serve. 548 more words