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Ocean Rockefeller

After putting in five hours of writing, my brain hurt and I wanted a drink. So I ambled over to Tanuki Raw on the second floor of Orchard Central. 67 more words


Customer Appreciation Post — Prizefighter & New York Sour

I love seeing people’s photos of the drinks I’ve made them at the bar.

It’s nice to see the cocktail from a different angle… The customer’s eye view! 89 more words


Good Night Monday

It wasn’t one of my worse Monday’s….

It was civil.

I left almost 2 hours early. (Had some errands)

I continue my job search, I continue hope. 30 more words

Chronicles of a Domestic Goddess: Hostess Edition - Memo 01

The key to being a great hostess is having a trick or two up your sleeve. It’s about impressing guests with your arsenal of perfected and memorized recipes. 299 more words


Whiskey Sour

Proposed By: Jonathan

Reviewed By: David

The sour is one of the most basic of cocktails. A mix of spirit, sweet, and sour elements with no augmentation required provides a simple and refreshing drink. 997 more words



I decided that I was embarrassingly overdue in terms of featuring a western on Cinema Sips, so fans of gunslingers and dirty saloons rejoice- this is your week! 484 more words


Friday Fiction: Toys

“So what you’re saying is, I’m broke?” Jake asked plainly as he sipped on his whiskey sour.

“No, I’m saying you need to do something before we are broke.”his wife snapped back, turning quickly on her heels and stomping off into the kitchen. 492 more words