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Review: Royal Pride Exquisite Whisky

Royal Pride Exquisite Whisky is produced by Jagatjit Industries Ltd. who both distill and bottle the blended whisky in the small town of Hamira which is situated in… 232 more words


Caol Ila 12 Review

In our humble yet devastatingly accurate opinion, the single best way to grow your whiskey palate is to challenge it. If you have a smoky Islay in front of you, pour a sherried Speyside next, then followed by a bourbon cask refill. 353 more words

Whiskey Review

Laphroaig 18 Review

“There are times when I desire a sweet, hefty bourbon, or perhaps a lovely pot stilled Irish, maybe even a nicely sherried Speyside malt.

But today, friends, today nothing less than the tar soaked, burning brine and wispy salty sea, the peat fueled fire cooking a kettle of kipper on top of the mountains of Islay overlooking smoke from the victory fire of a mighty Nordic war party, yes friends, nothing less than the Hell Fire aromas of Laphroaig will do tonight.” – Me, said below my breath as I walked into the liquor store yesterday. 350 more words

Whiskey Review

Wild Turkey 101 Rye Whiskey

On our way back home from an unforgettable honeymoon in Charleston late last year, my wife and I stopped in Tallahassee for gas. I remembered reading about a great liquor store in the area, Market Square Liquors. 293 more words


JP Wiser's Spiced Whisky No. 5 (Vanilla)

A few years ago J.P. Wiser’s introduced Wiser’s Spiced Whisky (Vanilla) to the Canadian market. My understanding is that this new spiced whisky brand was very successful, and as a result, the company decided to further develop their spiced whisky portfolio. 212 more words


Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Bourbon Whiskey

Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller Jimmy Russell has been at it for more than 60 years, and he’s still going strong.  Sixty years in the bourbon industry…hell, 60 years in any industry is damn impressive.   179 more words



Blanton’s is a standard for bourbon lovers and it’s unique decanter-like bottle has a fixed place in most whiskey collections. The archetypical Blanton’s is considered by some a necessary step in the bourbon drinker’s palate evolution. 171 more words