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Oh, The Body Parts You'll Change

Two years ago I started writing picture books for children. I love the form and I love the forum. Their is nothing greater than the screech of children laughing, the wide-eyed questions of a young mind. 554 more words


In which I babble a bit about children's books.

I have long been of the opinion that children’s authors and basically everyone involved in the production of a successful children’s book do not, and will not ever, get enough credit. 654 more words

Matt MacDonald

The Readhead's Top 7 Children's Books

Since yesterday was The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day I thought I’d do a list of my personal top 7 children’s books (and when I say children I mean up to around age 5).  564 more words

The Readhead

Walk among the wild things

This week there’s been a steady stream of new paintings arriving for April’s Where The Wild Things Are show, which will feature work by Sandra Vick… 697 more words

Definition #149 (Jeanne from Queens #21) Friday the 13th

Afros- “cheese smiles”-wild

winter coats: frown-ies, bushes

on Friday’s smoshes! 6 more words


I decided long ago that getting a tattoo would not work for me: I would simply not be able to decide on anything I would like for the rest of my life. 86 more words