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art by Beer Zombies - custom pizza boxes for Pizza Rock

This is a project I did for the new Pizza Rock that just opened inside of Green Valley Ranch Casino. Its 6 24 x 24 custom pizza boxes, done with mixed media. 7 more words



Yola (Jola Kudela) has a book out:

Per Jola’s website: The book focuses on a street art project she ran in Warsaw. She recreated scenes from Renaissance paintings using people from a local community center. 97 more words

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Urban Cake Lady: Melbourne via NZ (Kiwi) Wheatpaster #3

Here’s the sum total of what we know about the Urban Cake Lady. She is a Kiwi living in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2011, or thereabouts, she has done her best to step back from the public eye. 218 more words

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This next frame is almost my new favorite picture.

There’s something eerily beautiful about this photo to me. Eye to eye with Tyler Durden, the master of mayhem, wheat-pasted to a wall. He would approve of this use of his image, I just know it. 62 more words


Small is good—wheatpaste stickers for beginning wheatpasters

All the tutorials are for full-sized posters—that is just craziness. I can just see myself covered in wheatpaste trying to wrestle a large poster onto a wall. 577 more words

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Sara Conti (SARACADABRA): Wheatpaster from Belgium #2

Sara Conti is a wheat paste artist from Brussels, Belgium. In an interview to the website www.inkulte.com that her images are based on matryoska (Russian nesting dolls). 85 more words

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Swoon (Caledonia Dance Curry): Wheatpaste #1

Swoon works out of Brooklyn, New York but she was work all over the world. This image has many incarnations  in New York.

Per the website  98 more words

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