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Roll Up

i’ve never been a big fan of stretching, and i’ve been doing it for the sake of doing it to be honest. for me, it’s gotta be THE most boring part of any exercise routine. 117 more words

What's The Skinny?

the day after....

the day after St Patrick’s Day {a much lower keyed affair here in the Algarve} i find myself supping a breakfast made entirely of a bulletproof coffee, and contemplating the next stage of events……. 13 more words

What's The Skinny?

Not JUST Motivation for CrossFIT....

i first saw this on Pinterest and had to share. i hope you enjoy: Andrea Ager talking about her journey in CrossFIT

bom fim de semana


What's The Skinny?

Franks Brothers Introduction

Watch this intro clip to get a bit of a feeling on what we do at Franks Brothers Gyms.


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CrossFit by New Zealand's finest.......community based, friendly atmosphere, and you get fit too......there is no secret to it. You just gotta get up n do it!!!

Happy Fitness Christmas

i’m only human. i’ve already gone crazy with holiday food goodies. no point being a saint about it. spoiler alert….i will be working on weaning myself off sugar permanently….i am nothing but determined………but until then, let us eat, drink, and be merry. 67 more words

What's The Skinny?

What the Doctor Ordered

i’m a bit of a inconsistent nelly when it comes to taking my supplements. in fact, i kinda prefer to get all that i need from my food. 83 more words

What's The Skinny?

Burpee Challenge

what a way to kick-start the first of the month, eh!!! our pals over at Franks Brothers Crossfit, Papanui have set a burpee challenge for December…that’s 31 days {including December 25, by the way}…yep, no messin’….31 burpees EACH DAY! 33 more words

What's The Skinny?