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Operation: Whatever

Week one-fifty-seven of Operation Graphite – theme: Whatever.

Sometimes its nice to have a free draw. While many times the themes may help inspire, often there are other ideas rattling around that don’t get a chance to get out.  59 more words

Operation After Action Report

Does philosophy matter? | OUPblog

“Philosophers love to complain about bad reasoning. How can those other people commit such silly fallacies? Don’t they see how arbitrary and inconsistent their positions are? 157 more words


Philosophy Bites Again Is a True Philosophical Gourmet

This is a dinner party in book form, although with topics such as torture, group agency, hate speech, and the afterlife, it’s not for the absent-minded. 26 more words


Operation Excess Baggage Week 9- Taking off the Fitbit

The last few weeks have been overwhelmingly busy- I’ve mentioned that a few times.

This week, though, I hit the wall I was always going to hit- it was just a matter of time as to when. 378 more words


Hit board game lets players compete in designing aesthetic rock gardens - Asahi Shimbun

While online smartphone games are all the rage, a new board game in designing a traditional Japanese-style rock garden is showing there is still a market for old-fashioned fun.

Source: ajw.asahi.com


Scales - The Weighing Kind

I’ve been thinking of scales lately. Probably since my pants have been telling me their too tight. I need to remedy that. The scales have nothing to do with writing, but they, the ones in my house, may make a cameo in one of my stories. 344 more words