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The Need-To Read (136)

Sometimes a goofy read-

Is what we really and truly need.



Parents spoiling me & anxiety taking over my life

Do you know those movies when the teen (usually) has a terminal disease and their parents are all worried and super protective and careful?

Well i guess I know what’s like to feel like it now. 242 more words

Luciano Floridi on the Philosophy of Information

The philosophy of information is a new area of research. We didn’t study it when we were students, partly because we didn’t realise that the glasses were on our noses. 120 more words


Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled With Exercise And Healthy Diet

Type 2 diabetes is mostly connected to those who are overweight and can often be controlled through diet and exercise. Studies now show that a healthy diet and exercise can even help to reduce the risk of even getting it in later life. 222 more words


I want you bad

The stupidest thing ¬†have ever done and I have done some stupid things. I don’t know, its not a big deal, it just feels super stalkery. ¬† 572 more words

Why I Quit and What Now


I’ve had to make some big decisions lately, and I want you to know why I made them. I made them for you, because everything I do is for you now. 1,043 more words


Soul loss: the shaman's diagnosis of our existential complaints - Dream Gates

The greatest contribution of the ancient shamans to our medicine and healing today is the understanding that in the course of any life we are liable to suf

Source: www.beliefnet.com