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Horrorscopes: April Showers Bring May Flowers And Not All Of Them Are Carnivorous!

Welcome back, starchildren! With spring’s arrival, new life is in the air. Literally. Microorganisms cloud our breathable mix of nitrogen and oxygen, pollens co-mingling in a frenzy to coax forth tangles and tendrils and a vast canopy to block out the rays of the sun— 1,546 more words

First Kisses - The Inevitable Embarrassment.

In exactly a month I am going to be 22 years old. Thrilling. At this age there are certain things I thought I’d have mastered but have still yet to, like driving and making formal phone calls, but one thing that stands out and fills me with an overwhelming shame…is kissing. 1,028 more words


Right now I want to do a Dear Dork Child audio….episode…whatever, but I feel conceited for wanting to do that.

Self Diagnosis; don’t do it


My journey into a new me is picking up and today was a wonderful day to write about.

I lacked lust today, I felt tired and yawned frequently.  I felt as if I was not even connected to myself.  I had two anger outbursts, not because I wanted to… I cannot help it, I get angry, know it is wrong and feel ashamed after.  The more people irk me the more it happens.  I would never lash out to anyone though – it hurts so much inside that I feel tears of anger coming.  I am a wreck…. 404 more words


The Information Cube

THEORY: We, the global population, spend thousands of hours every day having artificial memories planted in our minds. It’s not a conspiracy, and we’re all better off for it. 1,615 more words

Tier A!

“I don’t want to play Oddworld I’m about to go to bed”

*plays Half Life 2*

All I Want To Do is Nothing

Nothing is a big deal

Why should it be?

I feel sleepy

The more I sleep.

When no one is awake

That’s peace.

I can’t read my mind… 28 more words