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Self Diagnosis; don’t do it


My journey into a new me is picking up and today was a wonderful day to write about.

I lacked lust today, I felt tired and yawned frequently.  I felt as if I was not even connected to myself.  I had two anger outbursts, not because I wanted to… I cannot help it, I get angry, know it is wrong and feel ashamed after.  The more people irk me the more it happens.  I would never lash out to anyone though – it hurts so much inside that I feel tears of anger coming.  I am a wreck…. 404 more words

Weight Management

The Information Cube

THEORY: We, the global population, spend thousands of hours every day having artificial memories planted in our minds. It’s not a conspiracy, and we’re all better off for it. 1,615 more words

Tier A!

“I don’t want to play Oddworld I’m about to go to bed”

*plays Half Life 2*

All I Want To Do is Nothing

Nothing is a big deal

Why should it be?

I feel sleepy

The more I sleep.

When no one is awake

That’s peace.

I can’t read my mind… 28 more words