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Have you ever been in love?

I’m not sure I have. Well, I have. But it’s all so long ago; I can’t really remember what it feels like. I used to be able to recall the history of my emotions in a second’s pause, mostly because I am dramatic and sentimental. 2,383 more words


WHAT IS LOVE? - Oyindamola Ololade

Wow its the last day of February, *in Pooh’s voice* goodbye lovers month.
What is Love? How do you define an indefinable word, hmmm….
love means different things to different people. 238 more words

What Is Love?

What Is Love?

Majid Ali

A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Midwinter Day’s Images

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Circa 1594

It proposes that love is a dream, or perhaps a vision; that it is absurd, irrational, a delusion, or, perhaps, on the other hand, a transfiguration; that is doomed to be momentary, (“So quick bright things come to confusion” 0, and it constitutes at the same time the proper foundation for lifelong marriage. 49 more words

Drone Democracy

WHAT IS LOVE? - Terry Saalu

Love, force of nature. Love, greatest emotion of all. Love is everywhere yet elusive. It is one of the most beautiful words in any language. Love begs for an identity so it’s no surprise so many people search for love hence so many people try to define it. 747 more words

What Is Love?

Music: Tears & Marble

I came across Tears & Marble by chance when an advert popped up for AKG headphones on youtube and instead of 5,4,3,2,1….skip to watch funny cat video I heard a song on the ad which sounded superb (IMO:D) 159 more words


WHAT IS LOVE? - Chinazom Okafor

Please forgive me, but there has been a bit of a mistake with my date and I had recorded Chinazom twice without realizing.

“It sounds a bit like the difference between etween falling in love and actually sustaining a loving relationship…the state of being in love lasts on average, eighteen months. 861 more words

What Is Love?