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The Comparison

One is married but a virgin, another is sharing a bed with a stranger, third one is loved and has no doubts, forth one will soon be eating Brussels sprouts. 206 more words

A Prayer for the Fourth of July

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is an actual image of one of the four panels of the words of Thomas Jefferson emblazoned upon the walls of perhaps America’s most sacred shrine, the Jefferson Memorial. 996 more words

What Is Love?

What is Love?

What do you do with 450,000 frequent flyer miles?

In theory, I almost have enough to go to the moon and back, but I have yet to find an airline that could take me. 254 more words

Frequent Flyer

My little frustrations...

Whoever said love was easy and it just flows must have been a fool, maybe a fool in love, but a fool nonetheless.

And things such as relationships, and being official, and such ideologies of this world. 246 more words


Same-sex Marriage and My Reaction

The following contains only the opinion of one person. Feel free to comment or respond, but be warned that all comments degrading other people will be deleted immediately. 917 more words


The love I got instead

I wanted love.

I wanted the perfect fairy-tale, storybook fantasy of love.

I wanted the midnight serenades, the breakfast made in bed, the dinner served with wine, the red rose bouquets, the love poem notes. 352 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry

Love. Wins. Wars.

What is love? A question that has been the focus of poetry, prose and television/movie plots for as long as I can remember. Recently, this question was posted as a status by one of my Facebook friends. 359 more words