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Just Another Manic Monday

It’s been tough getting back into the writing thing, I’m not going to lie about that. Seems studying and the stress of that exam kinda chilled my mojo /o\ I’m slowly getting back into the groove. 170 more words

Writing Update

EYNK-Be Talented

This is based on a Stephen King article I talked about in “Everything You Need to Know.” You can see the full article… 380 more words

Writing Groups & Challenges

Are you a REAL writer?

I keep seeing this “how to know when you are a real writer” or some variation of that on my Facebook news feed. I don’t bother clicking it as it’s an advertisement, but the statement kind of irks me. 446 more words

What I'm Writing

What I'm Writing: Offbeat, Bittersweet YA Romance

I’m officially changing my tagline from “sleeps with notebooks” to “Offbeat, Bittersweet YA Romance.”  I love the old tagline, and though I still plan on making quirky posts about reading a writing, I’m also working to build a brand–one I hope you’ll really love! 277 more words


Just Another Manic Monday

Hi everyone! *waves*

I’M BACK!!!!!

And wow, it feels good!!! First things first, obviously, I passed my certification exam so that is a HUGE load off my shoulders / WOOOO HOOOOOO… 288 more words

Fixing The Hole

Everything You Need to Know

Recently, I stumbled across another blog and a repost of an 1986/1988 article where Stephen King talked about how he learned to write and “everything you need to know about writing successfully—in ten minutes.” 166 more words

What I'm Writing