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Made it in MK: Zoodles

One of the great benefits of volunteering in Macedonia is the prevalence of internet access.

Sure it goes out sometimes. We unplug it during storms. Most of the time my school has it. 497 more words

Peace Corps

avocado toast

I came across these toast ideas and couldn’t resist sharing. I have a mild obsession with avocado toast, usually with just a little salt and pepper, but these ideas look so good. 33 more words

What I'm Eating

savory bread pudding with asparagus & fontina

I threw this together last night after work, and found it very tasty. I’d never made bread pudding before, and I think I’d only tasted sweet bread puddings, so I was interested to try this. 295 more words

What I'm Eating

What I'm Eating...

So, let’s take a minute to go over what I’m cooking on a regular basis, since I haven’t done a recipe post in AGES. First of all, let’s get the snacks out of the way. 384 more words

I Like Food

chicken parmesan with greens

Recipe #2 from my new cookbook! It was tasty, and does not take long at all to whip together. It would be a great weeknight meal. 233 more words

What I'm Eating

Four cakes for 28

Big news: I’m a year older.

I celebrated with friends throughout the last week, and I’ve been overwhelmed with all the thoughtful messages, and of course, all the cake. 1,244 more words

new recipes

I got a new cookbook last week, Williams Sonoma’s One Pot of the Day, and it inspired me to try to cook more. I’ve been getting a little bit lazy about making meals at home; it’s hard to motivate yourself to cook when there are so many cheap and delicious take-out options here in Portland. 501 more words

What I'm Eating