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Leftovers from February

I just wanted to share some of the good recipes we enjoyed last month.  Some of them were cheap, some less so, but we cooked nearly all our meals and I’ll call that a success! 185 more words


What I'm Cooking: Quinoa & Spinach Egg Scramble (for Eileen)

So I posted this picture of my Quiona & Spinach Egg Scramble a few days ago on Instagram (@fleurdecurl), and had no idea people would love it so much.  352 more words

What I'm Writing And Reading

Coney Cuisine Capital of the Great Northwest!

Whenever I visit my hometown, my first stop after the airport is either Coney Island, McKellar’s Confectionery or the aptly named Thunder Bay Restaurant… 242 more words


portobello mushroom burgers

I never knew how…meaty mushrooms could be until I started making portobello mushroom burgers. Really, you don’t miss the real meat at all, especially with some really good Italian bread, thick slices of red onion, and tasty red pepper sauce. 213 more words

What I'm Eating

Everything I'm eating Vol. 1

It’s been a while since I wrote about food. (That’s not even remotely true, but go with me here.) I got a lot of love after the Snacks on Snacks on Snacks blog during training, so I want to periodically share the snacks, the baked goods, the new foods and everything I’m eating. 1,189 more words

Peace Corps


I love this old “Do Not Litter!” sign, once commonly seen around city parks in Toronto. I thought I’d have a go at redesigning it with my new style and incorporate my new, as of yet unnamed typeface. 29 more words