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This edition of What I’m Eating Wednesday will be pretty brief. I’m eating a lot of the same foods I ate last week, so no need to really go into much detail about them. 692 more words


What I'm Eating Wednesday

I’m back again with a new addition of What I’m Eating Wednesday. The theme of this week is: Setback time.

The past few days has really sucked for me activity-wise. 1,063 more words


Motivation and What I'm Eating Wednesday

I’ve been kind of in to watching weight loss success stories on Youtube lately. I think it helps to keep you motivated and moving forward when progress is slow and you just aren’t seeing results fast enough. 1,484 more words


turkey lettuce wraps

I made this for lunch recently and felt super healthy and good about myself. I kind of made up the recipe based on other lettuce wrap ideas I found online. 151 more words

What I'm Eating

Made it in MK: Zoodles

One of the great benefits of volunteering in Macedonia is the prevalence of internet access.

Sure it goes out sometimes. We unplug it during storms. Most of the time my school has it. 497 more words

Peace Corps

avocado toast

I came across these toast ideas and couldn’t resist sharing. I have a mild obsession with avocado toast, usually with just a little salt and pepper, but these ideas look so good. 33 more words

What I'm Eating

savory bread pudding with asparagus & fontina

I threw this together last night after work, and found it very tasty. I’d never made bread pudding before, and I think I’d only tasted sweet bread puddings, so I was interested to try this. 295 more words

What I'm Eating