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August 10, 2012 - What If Then?

What if …

We just disappear, just vanish as they would like us to?

What if …

We just up and walk away, leave the insecurity, the fear and the threat behind us? 283 more words


What if...?

Not so long ago, I had finished school and retreated to the local library to meet my younger sister before heading to the town centre to meet our Mother. 582 more words

Todays Society

Chance and Life.

Something terrifyingly beautiful about life is that it seems that the only thing with complete control of everything is


Chance chose this. Chance chose you. 84 more words


That's Life, Folks

Y’know when you reminisce about old conversations and moments, and think ‘wow, I should’ve said this,’ or ‘that would have been so smart, then’. There’s always that small catch – at the time. 447 more words

Stupidity Starring ME

What if's.....

Two days ago I saw someone from a camp I went to last summer. It was completely out of the blue and caught me off guard. 243 more words


I’m having a lot of interesting conversations with myself lately about bodies. What are bodies? Some people think they are bodies. I would say most people think they are their bodies. 193 more words

The Daily Post

Prompt #352

Use the following time and place as a setting for a short story:

Time: Morning Meal
Place: a distant planet

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