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Organising ideas

On Thursday there was design class with Claus. He was talking about conceptional thinking, mind maps, brain storms and making connections between the human needs, the target group, the message and the medium. 318 more words


Where the Days Meet, Once a Week

Every Wednesday evening at exactly 9pm the days of the week gather at Martha’s Café on 5th Avenue.  This Wednesday was no different. It was 8:45pm and Ginger had just brewed a fresh pot of coffee in anticipation of the meeting.  1,961 more words

Creative Writing

Kill the King

People tend to say that the future scares them. That they don’t know what’s going to happen next. The main trend today is the “What If…?” questions which is totally nonsense. 286 more words


The Daily Prompt

Prompt #264

“He was stunned–the stranger in front of him looked exactly like the girl he had been dreaming about.”

Creative Writing

THE SENSATIONAL SIX – Chapter 2 part 16

“And what’s your name, sir?” asked the student.


“Is that a first or last name?”

No one can be that stupid. “Last name.”

The student gave a dopey laugh. 570 more words



If you could visit any decade in the 20th century, which decade would you visit? Why?