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Title: Explore

I just want to go on more adventures. Dream bigger. Be around good people and make wonderful memories.

Size: 22×30
Original Watercolor on Cold Press Paper
By Talitha Etters


I am Listening.

What can I say? I am here.

What can I say? I am broken.

What can I say? I am listening.

There once was a man in a rowboat. 210 more words


Final Thoughts From the Van

I think Scott Walker’s face would make a great Halloween mask.  Where is Leatherface when you need him?  Wouldn’t the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre be way better if Scott Walker was the one running down the road at the end of the movie while Leatherface swung the chainsaw over his head?  144 more words

The Minke Whale at Malaya Bay

Minke whales are an uncommon sight in the Sea of Japan off the coast of Primorye each autumn, and when the carcass of this one washed up on the shore of Malaya Bay near the village of Ternei in spring 2006 its appearance did not pass unnoticed for long. 128 more words