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Sperm Whales and Their History

Sperm whales are record breakers. The sperm whale has been referred to as the lord of the sea. Most of us are familiar with sperm whales from the famous story of Moby Dick and captain Ahab. 124 more words


Whales and Whaling

Many of the whale species of the world are endangered. These massive marine giants are our aquatic mammalian analogues, they are our brothers from the deep. 33 more words


Hello Readers!

Welcome to the whale website! On this website you can learn things about all different kinds of whales!

Happy swimming!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

A serendipity afternoon. The whales were near Gaviota State Park This is a few miles north of Santa Barbara, CA.  They are heading north to Alaska. 44 more words


Looky Here!

We’re blogging now!  Bloggity, blog, blog blog.

Escape From Hanson Island

For a week the weather services proclaimed that Wednesday, April 15th would be calm, clear, and peaceful. It would be a fitting and tranquil journey from the lab to Alert Bay, a promising start to what would be a week long expedition that would eventually lead to Gustavus, Alaska. 646 more words