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Dotted Rays on the Go

Been giving the Dotted Rays a bit of on-the-go, mass transit love!  On the bus…

At the train station…

Taking advantage of it’s small size while it lasts, only a couple more rows until it’s really too cumbersome to carry around. 49 more words


Askews me by Westknits

In the last post you would have not have any idea on how big and crazy the shawl really is. I took some pictures of the finished object even though that day was horrible. 408 more words



It has been a great deal of knitting over here the pas two months without any blogging about it (five FO’s, and two freshly new WIP on my needles). 231 more words


Dotted (then Striped) Rays

Some days I wish I could be one of those monogamous knitters.  If I had laser focus on one project at a time this one would already be finished!   203 more words


Askews me but brioche or not to brioche ?

After the words of Westknits, brioche is the stitch of 2015 ! I actually  believe that it is definitely the stitch of not only this year but also the ones to come. 594 more words


24 Hours Without a Fresh Cast On?!?

For the first time all week, I’ve got an update on something old!  Despite all the new excitement this week, I did make quite a bit of progress on my Daybreak! 184 more words


Because YARN!

Last week’s exciting new project  was forgotten for yesterday’s exciting new project.  Yesterday’s exciting new project is also now a thing of the past!  Allow me to introduce today’s EXCITING NEW PROJECT: (I am really that excited!) 265 more words