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The Ripple: Cheering on our Native Trout!

Native Trout vs. Finned-Zombies: the Essential Difference

Purples, reds and greens thrown high like hard candies, caught by each branch tip that shakes in the soft warming breeze; 931 more words

Western Massachusetts

Remembering Springfield's Victorian Opulence

Exhibit Shows How the Rich & Famous Lived in Springfield

For some members of 19th century Springfield’s community, the Victorian Era was an especially lavish and luxurious time. 339 more words

Western Massachusetts

04.19.2015 Sunderland Tobacco Barn Door

Something a little different for me.  This collapsing disintegrating door caught my eye as I drove through Sunderland this morning.

I guess if I wanted to be cute, I could say that this door represents me as I age and sag under the weight of my years.  8 more words

New England

04.18.2015 Rattlesnake Hill in a Fog

I was hoping for a partly cloudy start to the morning for a nice sunrise.  Instead there were thin clouds banking the horizon which created a milky sky that held a little color for a short time at dawn.  41 more words

Nature Photography

Heidi Stripped for 2.5 Years, This is Her Story

Last night I spoke with 23 year old ‘Heidi,’ (who, like Miami, asked to be referred to by her stage name only). She worked as a stripper at… 613 more words

Dancing with Myself

By Justine M. Kohr

Los Angeles has a smell. It smells like the inside of a greenhouse, traffic, and dry summer, and faintly of urine. 929 more words

Creative Nonfiction

My First Time

…visiting a strip club. Was that headline misleading? Sorry, but sex sells!

Prior to my journalistic ventures at Castaway’s, on an icy January evening, I found myself at the Whately, Massachusetts strip club with my friend, who I will call K. 590 more words