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El hombre y el monstruo / The Man and The Monster (1959)

‘Crazy, you say? It’s a monstrosity!’

A promoter visiting a reclusive concert pianist finds a dying girl who has apparently been killed in a mysterious road accident. 348 more words

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Wolfcop - Movie Review

This has to be one of my favorite B-rated horror movies I have ever seen, also considering I don’t watch many B-rated horror movies. But this movie was funny, well directed, well acted, and very cheesy. 105 more words

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Larry Cohen Collection: "Full Moon High"

Full Moon High

Today, I’m going to be kicking off my coverage of the career of writer/director Larry Cohen with 1981’s “Full Moon High”: a horror parody movie which he wrote, directed, and produced. 872 more words


#555 -- Wolfcop (2014)

My husband chose this movie; not because he wanted to see it, but…his exact words were, “This looks right up your dumbass alley.” Because, in his opinion, I like dumb movies. 327 more words


Wolf Blood (1925)

‘Gee! I thought it was the undertaker with his embalming fluid!’

The foreman of a logging company is left for dead in the forest. A transfusion of wolf’s blood keeps him alive but he believes he is turning into one of the pack… 460 more words

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El Retorno de Walpurgis / Curse of the Devil (1973)

‘Light the fire. Send me to my master. Take me, Satan, take me!’

A witch places a curse on the knight who burns her and hangs her coven. 622 more words

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#543 -- Strippers vs. Werewolves (2012)

Rating: 4/10

Directed by: Jonathan Glendening

What’s the deal with pairing strippers with horror monsters? It seems like it’s fairly popular. There’s Zombie Strippers, Zombies vs. 228 more words